10 Floor Scrubber Maintenance Tips For Long Lasting Tools

Maintaining your equipment is essential to the smooth running of your commercial cleaning business. This includes floor scrubbers.

Maintaining your equipment will make it last longer, perform better and earn you more money. This includes a floor scrubber plan. A machine that is in good condition will be more efficient and less likely to malfunction. This means less downtime for you and fewer interruptions to your work.

Unexpected breakdowns can also cost you money. Renting or buying machines outright isn’t cheap. Customers may also be unhappy if their machines are constantly malfunctioning. Do you want to waste time shopping for a floor scrubber? Most likely not.

These floor scrubber cleaning tips will help you extend the life of your machine.

10 Tips for maintaining a floor scrubber.

It is important to remember that when you are performing any maintenance on your floor scrubber or other equipment, the machine must be unplugged. It’s important to avoid touching any moving parts that could accidentally start. Always unplug equipment before doing any maintenance.

1. The owner’s guide is a must read. In the owner’s manual, you will find specific instructions for floor scrubber operation and maintenance. The manual for your machine will have specific instructions on how to maintain and operate it.

2. Don’t be too rough with your floor scrubber. It will work hard, but you can extend its life by being gentle. Treat it with respect, and don’t jostle around the machine more than is necessary.

3. You can extend the life of your scrubber by cleaning the floor. You can sweep the floor or use a dry mop in order to remove any dirt and larger debris. Be aware of any loose tiles or sharp edges that may damage your equipment.

4. Check the battery. We’re now going to do some floor scrubber maintenance. Check your owner’s guide for specifics. However, you can check for corrosion or leaks with any battery.

5. If brushes or pads are dirty or worn out, they won’t work as well. Squeegees are no different. These should be cleaned after every use and replaced as necessary.

6. Check and clean tanks, hoses, and filters. Clean and empty the tanks and recoveries after each use. Also, make sure that the filters and hoses remain clean and free of debris. Check hoses, seals, and other parts for cracks or wear while you are at it.

7. Clean your floor scrubber. It may not be a problem for your floor scrubber if it has a few scratches here and there. This is all part of the overall appearance you present to your customers. As part of your floor cleaner routine, wipe it down to remove dirt, grime, or any other marks.

8. You may or may need to charge the battery each time you use it.

You should also add monthly maintenance tasks to your floor scrubber list in addition to the daily ones.

9. Lubricate the hinges and wheels.

10. Deodorize and clean tanks and supply lines. Do not skip this step. Follow the instructions in your owner’s guide. Tanks that are dirty can be very smelly.

Remember, too, that your maintenance plan includes a floor scrubber in auckland. Your tools and equipment will last longer and work better if you keep them clean. This will save your team and yourself the frustration of having to go to use something and find it does not work.

These and other maintenance tasks can be added to a schedule so that you do not have to guess when you last addressed these issues.

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