5 Outdoor Firepit Tips & Ideas For A Cosy Backyard

It’s hard to beat a firepit in the winter for warming up your outdoor area. This fire pit is great for keeping warm, and it’s perfect for kids (and adults!) It’s perfect for roasting marshmallows. This creates an enchanting atmosphere for family gatherings and friends in the backyard.

Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to any patio or backyard. When choosing a fire pit for your patio or backyard, here are some tips to consider.


You need to think about where you want to place the fire pit before you choose it. It should be in the middle of your outdoor area, and at a safe distance away from plants and other flammable material. Choose a pit with the correct size for your area. EcoSmart Fire Pod Bow Pit works well in both large and smaller areas. It’s low-maintenance and does not produce ash, so you can use it on your balcony.


Your fire pit space should have a level, solid surface. Idealy, the area around your fire pit should have a 2 metre radius. It will make it easier for people to move about when the fire is lit. This Tuscan Cast Iron Fire Pit works well for large outdoor spaces. The deep bowl allows for an effective heat distribution and a large fire.


There are many different styles of fire pits including tabletop, bowls, free-standing and portable, built in, grills and prefabricated. You can also choose from different colours, shapes and designs. You can find the right fire pit for your style by considering where you want to put it. The eco-friendly EcoSmart Ethanol Fireplace looks stylish and is perfect for semi-covered alfresco areas.


When choosing an outdoor firepit, always keep safety in the forefront. This is especially true if you own pets or children. Pits with fire screens can help prevent large flames or embers from escaping. EcoSmart Fire Ghost fireplace offers a high level of safety. The frameless glass gives the fireplace a modern look while keeping flames and embers inside.


Be aware of the local rules and regulations regarding using or installing a fireplace outdoors. You can find local regulations on the website of your local council. Regulations are aimed at addressing a number of main concerns.

  • Distance between the fire pit and nearest building or vegetation.
  • The smoke from your fireplace should not annoy or harm your neighbors.
  • What type of fuel should you use to light your fire pit?

Install a fire pit that meets most regulations, such as the small and mobile EcoSmart Ethanol Fire Ghost Pit.

When you are shopping for a new outdoor heavy-duty cast iron fire pits this winter, keep these tips in your mind. Add some warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor area with a firepit that fits your style, your space and your personality.

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