Amer Rugs: Discover the best quality hand-tufted carpet designs

The first step is to string a canvas on a frame. The canvas is punched with a tufting tool as the design on the canvas is traced. Scrim backing is the best way to tell if a rug was hand-tufted. Fringes are often added to the carpet using either glue or sewing.

Know About our designer hand-tufted collection

Abstract collection

We blend New Zealand Wool with art silk or viscose to create an abstract. Abstract rug patterns are only acceptable if they have good artistry. Designers are tasked with the difficult task of turning exquisite paintings into rugs. You must use many colors and a high knot number to get a continuous color flow without the “blocky look” of cheaper alternatives.

Laurel Collection

Its understated yet elegant appearance makes it versatile enough to fit any space. It has a soft, neutral color and delicate texture, giving any room depth without clashing with the decor. The rug is 100% wool, and it was hand-tufted.

Boho Collection

This boho rug is perfect for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. Bring your home design to life with the best visual experience. Hand-tufted carpets add a luster, color, and a soft, sinking feeling to any floor. These carpets are made of wool, viscose, and recycled polyester.

Our sophisticated hand-tufting techniques for cut and loop piles give each of our carpets a rich and deep look. We have tried to preserve the handcrafted artisan traditions as we hand-tuft each rug.

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