Amer Rugs: Everything You Need to Know about Hand-Woven Rugs

Are you familiar with hand-woven Rugs? Do you know how it is made? Let’s talk about this handmade art made from cotton and wool. It’s lightweight, has a soft pile, and adds a sense of togetherness to any room.

Hand-woven rugs are unique and of the highest quality in the world. Their textures and designs, which blend tradition with modern techniques, are unique.

Hand-woven Rugs symbolize style and class that redefines your home decor. They also give a fresh look to the living area.

These Rugs come in various beautiful patterns and colors, including grey, white, milky, blue, and mustard.

Weaving Technique

Hand-woven rugs can be woven by 1 to 4 people on a loom. The number of people depends on the size and shape of the carpet. The weft-and-wrap cycle of the yarn creates a beautiful weaving. These Rugs have been tested for durability and safety.

How to maintain its beauty for longer

Keep your home neat

Spot cleaning with soap and cold water

Don’t soak and dry immediately

Don’t pull out the loose ends (if any).

Its color will fade if exposed to direct sunlight

It is usual for piles to shred.

Quality of Materials

High-quality rugs are made from materials of high quality, such as silk, cotton, and wool. Hand-spun wool is also the best. Hand-spun machine wools are acceptable but not very prized.

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