Animal Print Rugs: The Wild Side

What are animal print rugs?

Animal Print Rugs are distinctive floor coverings with designs that mimic the patterns of the fur and skin of animals such as the leopard, cow, Zebra, or Cheetah. These rugs are known for their exotic and striking appearance. They can make a bold statement within any interior.

Materials used to make animal print rugs are varied and cater to a variety of preferences and needs. Natural fibers, such as wool, offer durability and a luxurious feeling, while synthetic materials, like polyester, are known to be budget-friendly and easily maintained. Animal prints can be anything from the stripes and spots of the zebra to the rustic cowhide.

The different types of animal prints used in rugs

Leopard Rug: Bring the wild to your home with this medium pile leopard rug. The bold pattern is perfect for adding a touch of style and adventure to any room.

Sheepskin Carpet: A white sheepskin carpet that will add a touch of luxury to your house. It’s incredibly soft and fluffy. A cozy addition to any space. Its natural white color is a great complement to any decor. You can layer it on top of another rug pattern for a more complete look. This lambskin rug is sure to make any room more inviting.

Zebra Print Area Rug: Looking for a stylish zebra print rug? This machine-woven rug will last a long time. This rug is perfect for any room. The taupe and beige colors go well with almost anything, while the Zebra Print gives it a fun touch. The medium pile height makes it ideal for areas with high traffic, such as living rooms and kitchens.

Dalmatian Rug: Enhance your space with a Dalmatian rug. This rug mimics the Dalmatian’s iconic spots for a subtle yet elegant take on animal print. This rug is perfect for adding a little whimsy and complementing any decor style.

Cowhide rugs: Add a rustic feel to your modern home with this cow print rug. The authentic, unique cowhide design adds a rustic, natural charm to your home. Cow print rugs are perfect for eclectic and modern farmhouse interiors. They complement any color scheme, whether it is neutral or bold. The durability and ease of maintenance make this a great choice for high-traffic areas. It will enhance your home in both style and function.

Cheetah Rugs: Bring a touch of exotic elegance to your home with cheetah rug prints. The cheetah pattern is a great choice for a throw cushion, blanket, or wall art. Its warm colors and distinctive spots will add a lively, vibrant touch. The cheetah prints can add a touch of exotic style to modern or minimalist decor. They are also subtle accents.

How to decorate with your animal print rug

You’ve come to the right place if you want animal print rug decorating ideas! Our animal print rugs are perfect for transforming your home. These rugs are stunning focal points in living rooms. They add warmth and texture to bedrooms and kitchens while adding an unexpected touch to bathrooms and kitchens. Consider the material of these rugs when incorporating them into your ideas for animal print living rooms or themes that feature animal prints. They can be made from 100% wool, real animal skin, or polyester. The material of the rug will affect not only their placement but also how they are maintained. This makes your decor stylish and functional.

Pros and cons of animal print rugs


  1. Aesthetic Appeal Animal Print Rugs Instantly Elevate the Look of a Room: Add an Element of Sophistication or Playfulness.
  2. Versatility These rugs are suitable for a wide range of decor styles, from traditional to modern.
  3. Statement pieces: These items often serve as the focal point of a room and guide the selection of other decorative components.


  1. Style Specification: Their distinct look may not blend well with every type of decor.
  2. Upkeep: Some animal print rugs require extra care and attention, depending on the type of material.

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