Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains on Cool Rooms

Saving money is a key part of running a successful business. Plastic strip curtains can be a simple, cheap way to lower the energy consumption of your walk-in cooling room. Installing plastic strip curtains can improve the efficiency of a cool room.

How do plastic strip curtains work?

Plastic strip curtains are available for walk-in refrigerators and industrial freezers. They can help reduce the amount of air lost when you open the doors. These curtains, which are usually made from vinyl in clear color, are intended to cover your entire cool room door. The strip curtain should not be used in place of an insulated panel.

This can be explained by comparing it to air conditioning. It takes some time for the temperature of the air in your home to reach its desired level on a hot day. You would notice that a lot of cold air is lost each time someone opens the door.

This simple invention functions by blocking the cold air and making it harder for it to escape. The plastic strip curtains work because the cool room’s door has a large surface area. By forming a wall that can be moved in front of it, less air will escape.

Plastic Strip Curtains: Benefits and Uses

Plastic strips for doors can be a reliable, cost-effective and low-maintenance way to control the energy consumption of your cool room. The cheapest way to control energy loss or heat gain is by far the plastic strip door. The doors with plastic strips are considered to be ‘always shut’ as they only allow the entry of objects that are the same size.

Plastic strip curtains have many other benefits.

  • Air loss is reduced by 80% to 90% compared with conventional doors
  • Stabilizing air temperature improves hygiene and separation
  • Product spoilage is reduced
  • Reduced frost on coils
  • Reduced wear and tear of motors, switches and compressors
  • Air pollutants such as dust, fumes and smoke are restricted from entering
  • Comfortable workplaces for your employees
  • Protect yourself from flying insects and birds

How thick should my plastic strip curtains be?

Your plastic strip curtains should be made of flexible PVC, and between 3mm to 5mm thick. Plastic strip curtains will not hang straight if the thickness of the plastic is less than 1mm.


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