Can I place a rug on the carpet

Can you place rugs over a carpet or rug? Sisal Rug Experts will teach you how to layer and get the perfect look.

It’s been only two years since you installed your wall-to-wall rug, and it already looks worn and stained from muddy shoes, dirty kids, and active pets. If you want to remove the carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring, it’s too expensive.

There’s a way to freshen your living room and protect your carpet. Although some people consider this a faux pas, placing a rug on top of your rug can bring texture, color, and contrast to an interior that is in need of warmth. These three tips will help you achieve the look.

How to Layer Rugs over Carpet

Select textures according to your carpet fibers.

Low-pile carpeting is the best choice for rugs. It allows you to add plush textures to your home. Place a shag rug over your flat surface. Use a flat-woven carpet made of natural fibers if you have wall-to-wall carpeting that is plusher and less flat.

Choose rugs that complement your carpet but don’t clash with it

It can be overwhelming to place a rug over a patterned carpet. Sisal or Jute rugs can be placed on top of bold patterns or colors to create a calmer look in your living room. You can choose a rug that is vibrant if your carpet is lacking in color or design. Make sure that the color scheme complements the carpet shade to achieve a look you like.

Use a rug pad that is non-slip to anchor the rug.

Rugs can move, which is why many people do not like to place them on top of the carpet. Our rug pad is placed underneath the fabric to anchor your rug. You can place furniture on top.

It all comes down to your personal style preference when it comes to placing carpet on top of rugs. After selecting the rug size and color, experiment with the placement in order to create a sophisticated look.

Can you put rugs over the carpet? These three tips should help you make a decision.

Layering rugs on top of carpet is a cost-effective solution to updating a room. You can use an area rug as a way to separate a small space or define a seating area if you have hardwood floors.

The rug will soften the room, making it feel more comfortable. A rug can instantly transform a space if you have carpeting. A rug can help to tie furniture together and will break up the hard lines in the carpet.

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