Choose Your Area Rug Color Using These Tips

The color is the first thing you notice about a rug. The right color is, therefore, of utmost significance when you are looking for a carpet. Here are some tips on choosing the color of your area rug.

Take a Look Around

You should first consider the furniture that you already have in the room as well as the color of the walls and floor. You can then narrow down your options for rugs. If your sofa is brown, then you should find a carpet with some brown tones on it. Avoid matching everything exactly, as it will result in a dull, uninteresting room. Think holistically, and choose colors that work well together.

Select What to Focus on

Decide on the part of your space that you want to highlight. You can choose to have your rug or another piece of furniture stand out. Choose a carpet with vibrant colors if you want it to be the focal point of your room. To achieve this, you don’t need to make it clash with the rest of your room. Play around with saturation, or use only a certain color on the rug. Multi-colored designs can be more eye-catching and enthralling. If you want your rug to be more of an accent, then choose colors that blend with the background. You could, for example, choose a darker shade of grey to go with a monochromatic room.

Think about Effect

The color of the room can also have a variety of effects. It is important to know that the same color will not always produce the same result in all contexts. When choosing a rug color, you should consider how the color will impact the perception of space. Darker colors make spaces seem more intimate, while lighter shades can make them appear larger. Bright colors can add energy to a room, while muted shades can help it feel calmer.

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