Choosing the Right Rug for Your Floor Type

Rugs for Hardwood Floors

When it comes to rugs for hardwood floors, the key lies in contrasting colors. Choose lighter-colored rugs for dark wood floors and vice versa. If you’re wondering what color rug goes with light hardwood floors, dark green, brown, violet, and blue rugs can create a beautiful contrast. Cream, beige, and ivory rugs are excellent color choices for area rugs for dark wood floors. Avoid overwhelming patterns on wood; instead, opt for calmer options like jute rugs or solid-color rugs.

In areas with heavy foot traffic, hardwood floors are susceptible to experiencing marks, scratches, and dents. You can take a look at our performance rugs, which are specifically designed to handle high traffic. They can extend the lifespan of your hardwood flooring with their protective properties. If you’re in search of the best rugs for hardwood floors in the kitchen, we also offer a variety of kitchen rugs featuring both light and dark tones. These rugs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide a protective layer for your hardwood floors.

You might be wondering, do I need a rug pad for hardwood floors? Absolutely! A felted rug pad with rubber backing is likely the best rug pad for hardwood floors. It’s natural felt material provides added cushioning to protect your hardwood floors and increases the longevity of your rug. Meanwhile, the rubber backing safely grips the floors, ensuring your rug won’t slip.

Rugs for Stone and Concrete Floors

Stone and concrete floors may exude a cold and uncomfortable feel underfoot. To counter this, opt for rugs like wool, sheepskin, or shag to infuse warmth into the atmosphere. Wool rugs, with their softness and durability, are the best rugs for stone and concrete floors, seamlessly complementing the authenticity of hard flooring. Our contemporary rugs also work well with concrete floors, adding a touch of modernity.

Stone floors are not a typical choice; they may be unique and distinctive designs that you choose specifically for your space. In this case, they may be a good match with patterned rugs like Aztec or Southwestern rugs.

High piles of shag and wool rugs not only add coziness but also provide a softer feel underfoot, overcoming the inherent disadvantages of stone or concrete floors.

Rugs for Tile Floors

Tiles are prone to deterioration over time and are vulnerable to water and moisture. You can benefit from the addition of rugs for increased durability. Rugs for tile floors include natural fiber rugs and synthetic rugs. As they can be slippery, our non-slip rugs with rubber backing can be the best rugs for tile floors, ensuring safety with a variety of color options.

Consider rug colors that blend seamlessly with your tile floors, providing both protection and a touch of sophistication. With white tile floors, possibilities are endless! We offer a wide range of area rugs for white tile floors. From creating a serene ambiance with white rugs to injecting personality with colorful and abstract patterns, our carefully curated selection has it all! We also have rugs categorized according to their interior design styles so that you can blend your tile floors with your decor.

Rugs for Carpeted Floors

When choosing rugs for carpeted floors, consider analogous colors for subtle contrasts or select rugs with similar color tones for a harmonious blend. Vibrant colors can make a bold statement in your decor.

Align your rug’s pile according to your carpet’s texture. Plush, shag or thick carpets work well with low-pile or flatweave rugs. On the other hand, thin carpets can benefit from the added texture of high-pile rugs.

Rugs for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors often come in a single-toned design; they have a consistent color or pattern throughout the entire surface. That’s why laminate floors can be a clean canvas for your rug choice! You can enhance its visual appeal by introducing rugs in complementary colors – those opposite on the wheel – to create a vibrant contrast and elevate your space.

For rugs safe for laminate floors, consider low-pile, breathable rugs that are made from natural fibers. Laminate floors are smooth and slippery. To ensure your home’s safety, using rug tape, corner grippers, or rug pads is recommended. The best rug pad for laminate floors depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for non-slip qualities on a breathable thin rug pad, choose our non-slip rug pad. However, if you want to increase the cushioning, you can select a thicker rug pad made from natural materials like our mohawk pad or supreme felted pad.

Rugs for LVP/LVT Floors

When it comes to rugs for luxury vinyl floors, one concern to keep in mind is their susceptibility to staining. To safeguard your beautiful floors from potential stains, opt for rug pads and avoid rugs made from polypropylene. Opt for rugs made from natural fibers, as they do not leach or transfer color. If you choose LVP/LVT flooring because of water resistance and durability, you can apply the same criteria to your rugs and choose washable options for water and moisture resistance.

Slippery surfaces demand careful consideration. For slippery luxury vinyl flooring, prioritize safety with non-slip rugs, rug pads, or corner grippers. If you’re looking for the best rug pad for LVP floors, our Mohawk Dual Surface Pad is made from 100% felt, a natural fiber material that can prevent any stain and color transfer. Plus, it prevents slipping!

Choosing an Area Rug for Heated Floors

Synthetic rugs, due to their heat-transferring nature, are not suitable for heated floors. Similarly, rubber-backed rugs are not recommended. Natural fiber rugs such as cotton, jute, and wool are safe and convenient options for heated floors.

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