Cowhide Rugs that will make your home beautiful

Cowhide Area Rugs never go out of style. Textural, durable, and versatile, they are perfect for any living space, whether it is traditional, contemporary, or modern home decor. Leather rugs are always stylish and adaptable, so they are ideal for any room.

Here are the top 11 cowhide rugs for your home that will add texture and an attractive look. Visit MAT Living to see them now.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Tufted Rio Canopus white/beige cowhide Area Rugs

Rio Canopus Cowhide Area Rug by MAT Living gives your interior a shimmering touch. The leather rug features striking square and rectangle geometric patterns that make it an attractive home furnishing for your dining room, living room, or guest room. This cowhide rug is backed with microfiber. It doesn’t matter if you want a traditional or contemporary style. The carpet is a combination of hair-on-hide handcrafting and bamboo viscose tufting to give you the best durability, quality, comfort, and softness. Canopus leather-tufted Rug comes in three sizes and two colors: 8′ x 10, 9′ x 12, and natural/multi.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade Gau chess Grey Cowhide Area rug

The addition of contemporary gau chess cowhide rugs will add a touch of luxury to your home. The sophisticated design of the luxury rug makes it stand out from the rest. It features amusing squares arranged symmetrically across the Rug. This stunning Rug comes in four colors: white, black, gray, and beige. This alluring cowhide carpet will enhance your home decor and reflect your style. This stunning Rug is made from the highest quality leather and will last a lifetime. This chess rug is a perfect addition to any home. It will complete the interior design and make your house feel like home. At MAT Living, you can choose from four sizes of gau-chess rugs: 5′ x8′, 8″ x10′ and 9″ x12′.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Tufted Rio Lyra Light Grey Cowhide Area rug

Lyra Cowhide Area Rug brings an avant-garde feel to any room with a universal design. This cowhide rug is adorned with a triangular pattern. This cowhide rug will hypnotize any visitor with its symmetrical pattern in a rich shade of blue. This classic rug is leather-tufted with high-quality hides and bamboo viscose. This cowhide rug is made more attractive by the microsuede backing on the backside. This Rug is available in three sizes: 5′ x 8, 8′ x 10, and 9′ 12′.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade Gau alleged White Cowhide Area Rug

The neutral and soft color of this enchanting Gau Affirmedi cowhide rug instantly upgrades any interior and adds charm to your home. This luxurious cowhide rug is made from high-quality leather. Algedi is an elegant and sophisticated rug for your living room or bedroom. Luxury cowhide rugs are a beautiful and elegant way to transform the look of any room. This Rug is available in three color combinations – white, grey, and beige/brown – and three rug sizes – 5′ x8′, 8’ x10’, and 9’ x12’ at MAT Living.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Tufted Beige/Brown Cowhide Rug

The MAT Living Alcor Cowhide Area Rugs are hand-tufted using the finest hair-on-hide, bamboo viscose, and other materials. This luxurious cowhide rug features a geometric pattern in leather that is symmetrical across the Rug. This hand-tufted design is a stunning addition to any home. The handcrafted cowhide makes this Rug more captivating and eye-catching. This Rug is also silky because of the bamboo viscose. This Rug is perfect for guest rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms that want to add a touch of luxury. The three sizes are 5′ x8′, 8’ x10’ and 9’ x12’. MAT Living offers bespoke services to create a custom rug.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Gau Hydra grey cowhide area Rug

The hexagonal and square geometric patterns on the Gau Hydra cowhide area Rug make it unique, and the shimmering radiance makes it a unique piece. This luxury contemporary cowhide rug will transform the look of any room. Two color combinations are available for Hydra’s hand-made cowhide area Rug – white/grey and grey/grey. This Rug is a great addition to your interior. This appealing Rug is handcrafted from the highest quality leather. It reflects your lifestyle. Rug sizes are available in 5′ x 8, 8′ x 10, and 9′ 12′.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Tufted Rio Gamma Grey/Green Cowhide Rug

Handcrafted and hand-tufted, this luxury geometric area Rug features the highest quality cowhide. The Rug has a sophisticated parallelogram pattern that creates an eye-catching appearance. The green bamboo viscose gives the Rug a soft touch. The cowhide rug has a flawless gray tone with reciprocal shades of green and silver. Gamma is a smooth floor covering that adds bold style to any contemporary decor. The Rug’s striking appearance invites you to sit, roll, or walk on it. Rug sizes include 5′ x 8, 8′ x 10, and 9′ 12′.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Gau Draco Grey Cowhide Area Rug

The Draco cowhide rug in a contemporary style floor covering will add a luxurious touch to your interior. Draco has a striking and fierce appearance. This deluxe Rug is made from pure cowhide and is perfect for elegant home decor. This sleek leather rug will add a smooth touch to your decor in the living room, bedroom, or area where you have a conversation. Parallel rows of flat, narrow cowhide stripes are used. The parallel lines in the Rug create geometric shapes like triangles, pentagons, hexagons, isosceles, trapezoids, and more. This Rug will give your home an unusually contrasting look that you won’t find in other area rugs. This area rug is available in three different sizes at MAT Living: 5′ x8′, 8″ x 10″, and 9″ x 12″.

Luxury Geometric Contemporary Handmade leather Tufted Rio Galaxy Natural/White Cowhide Area Rug

Rio Galaxy is a leather rug with a rich texture and a versatile nature. This transitional Rio Galaxy cowhide area Rug is ideal for transforming a living room from contemporary to traditional and luxurious. This beautiful Rug is made by hand using hair-on-hide and bamboo viscose. The pattern of the Rug looks like a galaxy. This cowhide rug has a creamy color with a dazzling pattern that moves across the Rug. It’s enough to grab your attention. The microsuede backing accentuates the fine details of a high-end covering. MAT Living offers a variety of 5′ x8′, 8′ x10′ and 9′ x12′ rugs.

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