Dust or Bust

Rug owners often ask me about vacuuming their rugs. They want to know if and how they should do it.

Yes, you should vacuum your rugs. You know how much you need to dust and sweep your hard floor surfaces because of the fine particles constantly settling in your home.

The grit can also settle on rugs, but you may not notice that it can work down into the base fibers and cause abrasion, which can cut the threads. Mats wear in patches because of this.

It’s, therefore, essential to regularly “dust” your rugs to remove the top layer of dust that has settled and larger pieces of debris caught between the fibers of shoes, paws, and feet. Even carpets that are hung on the wall have dust.

You do not need a beater bar vacuum for weekly vacuuming. Canisters or setting the beater at a higher height will be better options. This way, the bristles won’t constantly brush against the fiber.

If you have a canister vacuum, it’s okay. But if the tassels are tied in the vacuum’s beater bar, they could tear off. If it’s canister-style, there is no problem. But tassels can come off if connected to the beater bar.

If a rug is not vacuumed regularly, dirt can become too lodged to remove. You will need some extra help. In the “olden days,” these rugs were hung and beaten with a rug-beater to remove dust.

This is not a common cleaning practice. Here’s an alternative way to use your upright vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming the back of the carpet will “shake” the dirt from the base.

Wool rugs can contain several pounds of soil dry in a square foot before they “look” dirty. We can remove 5-10 lbs of soil by vacuuming a large carpet.

Wool is an excellent air filter. It will grab dirt from the air, hide it in its tiny fibers, and still make the rug look great.

This can hurt the rug fibers. Rug owners often wait until they see their rug dirty before cleaning it.

Do you know how a small rock can hurt your foot, even if it is very small? These tiny rocks can get stuck in a rug’s fibers, and then when you walk over it, they cut and scrape the fibers.

Dusting your rug is important to prolong its life. If you are thorough, you can extend the time between professional cleanings. How often should your rugs be cleaned? It depends.

Every 18 months, a rug that is regularly used should be cleaned. You should wash your rug more frequently if you have children, pets, or a lot of traffic.

The most gentle and thorough way to clean your rug is washing it.

Rugs are durable and can last for generations, especially if properly cared for.

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