Elements of Modern Country Design

Modern country interior design is a trend that has lasted over the years. This is often called farmhouse style if you enjoy watching design shows. Contemporary country design is simple and minimalist, focusing on functionality. Contemporary country design is all about functionality. Modern country designs tend to be minimalistic compared to some other styles. These decorating tips will help you learn the elements of modern-day country design.

Mixing Metal and Wood

The mix of materials in modern country design makes it interesting. This gives people a lot of design freedom. You might find a metal chair next to a bed in a country-style home. The contrast between wood and metal provides the room with a unique look without going overboard with the decor. This style of decorating doesn’t include many decor pieces. The decor is often lanterns with candles in them. They give the house a warm, cozy feeling. These lanterns usually are made from black metal to match the theme of mixing metal and wood.

Neutral Furniture

Neutral furniture is another popular feature of the modern country style. In a contemporary home, it’s rare to find colorful furniture. If in doubt, go neutral. The majority of furniture is white, cream, or tan. Consider adding color to a rug if you want to. The best way to maintain a minimalist look is by keeping the furniture neutral. This design is functional, and almost everything in the home is neutral. Metal is a popular element in modern country style, so furniture made of black metal would contrast with the lighter colors.

Floral Print Rugs

The floral print is one of the most popular elements in a modern country design. It adds color to a design that’s otherwise rather minimalist. A floral rug can add color to a room with neutral design elements. Choose bright florals with blue or green tones. You can also choose to stick with a neutral theme but select a more intricate print.

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