Furniture Trends and How to Make Them Work for Your Home

Home styling is going to be a hot topic. Interior design trends such as modern styling, cottage-core, and 5-star glamour will be big hits. Do you need some new furniture ideas? You can use the latest trends to update your home.

Hotel at Home

This year, the luxury and grandeur of a luxurious hotel will be reflected in home decor. This trend is all about soft, thick carpets with gold accents. Furniture should look expensive, even if it isn’t in light colors or velvet. Try a curvy sofa with rich teal or blue, and continue the look in the bedroom by using a bed of the same color. Bonus points if the headboard reaches almost the ceiling.

Green and Earthy

Neutrals are (and always will be) a staple of style. The emphasis will be on elevated elegance in design. This will result in calm, earthy environments infused with luxurious elements. With little effort, oversized plants paired with soft ecru couches and faux fur rugs create a pared-back atmosphere and understated elegance. Complete the look by adding accessories like candles in putty colors and soft lighting.

Rustic Realness

Rustic vibes, with their warm pines and aged woods, are set to remain popular for the next few decades. This style is all about comfort, and creating the warm, cozy feeling that is synonymous with a farm kitchen is key. Imagine big, squashy armchairs and thick jute carpets. Match your furniture to the features of your home, such as large fireplaces or wooden floors. If you don’t like the original features, scatter several large throws over a sofa with a wooden dining table and a deep, inviting couch.

Light it Right

It’s easy to overlook lighting once the home has been furnished, but getting it right is crucial. Interior magazines and social media feature a lot of decadent lighting. If you’re filling a large room or hallway with a dramatic chandelier, you can impress your guests. Simple pendants or bare bulbs hanging low above kitchen islands or tables can be a stylish way to add a touch of function.

Vintage Vibes

Antique furniture has made a big comeback. You can still get this look if auction houses are out of your price range. Check thrift shops and charity shops to find unique pieces. You don’t have to worry if you discover a hidden treasure that needs some love. It’s easy to upcycle furniture, and you can transform it from dull to fabulous in a variety of ways. Contrast the pieces of furniture with modern objects if you want to avoid feeling like you’re living in a stately English home. Consider combining an old upholstered chair and a contemporary glass and gold coffee table. Add one piece at a time to avoid the room appearing cluttered.

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