Get Glam for Easter with These 9 Decor Ideas

Easter is a time of hope, new beginnings, and joy. Easter mornings are a time to spread love, peace, and life. There would be no Christmas without Easter. Easter is the perfect time to gather with family and friends for a delicious Easter dinner and lunch. We have selected some easy yet inspiring ideas for decorating your home for Easter. They will only take an hour to finish.

Are you ready for Easter?

Paper Wreath

Welcome your guests with a hand-made wreath of cheer. Using colored papers, make different-sized leaves. Start by creating larger leaves. Be sure to glue these well. To create a beautiful wreath, glue the smaller leaves at the top and the bigger ones on the sides.

Bunny Face Dining Set

Fold a square napkin into a U-shape. Cut out a bunny face on a piece of paper. Make a bow and write your guest’s name. Please put it on your dinner table to let people know you went the extra mile to personalize the experience.

Carrot Hangings

Use carrots to create the perfect Easter mood. Using orange crepe papers, create cones that resemble carrots, with green crepe for the top. Hang the garland on your living room wall. It will be the highlight of your Easter decor.

Egg Candies

Create a fun Easter activity with egg candies that you have customized. Wrap candies like candy, and then paste a message on each candy. You could use a character or an activity to convey the message. Play these candy-hunt games with your guests after dinner and make the whole house laugh and cheer.

Pom Pom Wreath

If you have young children at home, this simple but crazy wreath could be the start of your Easter decorations. This is a great project to do with your children. Make 15-20 white pom-poms, pour them into a ring, and attach the pom-poms using hot glue. Cut ears into the shape of bunny ears and glue them on top of the wreath. Your bunny pom-pom wreath is now ready to greet guests.

Eggshell Candle Holders

Easter is the one time you can place all of your eggs into a single basket. How can you decorate without eggs? Color the shells of some leftover eggs in vibrant shades. Place small, circular candles in the eggshells. Then, place them on your dinner table.

Easter Balloons

They look like eggs when they are turned upside down. Try decorating your photo corner with balloons turned upside down. Draw bunny faces onto the balloons.

Bunny Lollipops

This will bring a smile to all the children who attend your Easter party. Add cotton balls with bunny eyes, ears, and nose to lollipops. Play a game and give the bunny lollipops to your children as a present.

Easter Egg Tree

This can be done by using a twig to hang colorful eggs. If the twig is decorated with real flowers and leaves, the beauty of your Easter tree will be enhanced. You can ask each guest to place an egg on the tree with a message. These simple but thoughtful ideas will make your Easter celebration unforgettable.

The Bottom Line:

Easter is a very special day for Christians. It celebrates Jesus’ resurrection and the birthing of hope. Around the worldEasterer is marked by prayers, candles, flowers, bunnies, and eggs. This year, let us be thankful for what we have and decorate our homes in a way that will bring hope to others and ourselves.

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