How to Care for Your Modern Rugs

How to Care for Your Modern Rug

Wool is a renewable natural resource, making it a href=” sustainable” title=”Eco Friendly Rugs”>environmentally friendly/a>. It is an eco-friendly resource. Wool is naturally stain-resistant due to the lanolin in the fibers. It also inhibits dust mites and bacteria growth.

Wool is durable so rugs can last many years or even decades. Even a modern carpet made of yarn must be handled carefully to maintain its beauty and prevent it from wearing out. To maintain its beauty, the most important thing to do for your modern Rug is to have it professionally cleaned at least once yearly. You may need to have your Rug professionally cleaned more often if you have pets or it is in an area with a lot of traffic.

Regardless of how frequently you get your Rug professionally cleaned, it must still be maintained. The care instructions on the label of your Rug should be followed over these tips. You can still follow these general instructions if there is no label on your Rug.

How to Remove dirt and hair from your new Rug

Shaking a small rug or beating it is a traditional way to remove dirt. Check your local laws before you shake a small carpet. Some communities have banned this practice.

Always take your Rug outdoors to beat it. You can use sturdy outdoor furniture if you don’t have a clothesline. Use a broom or a tennis racket to hit the Rug vigorously until dirt is removed. Wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust, particularly if you have allergies.

Rug fibers can collect pet dander, human hair, and even human hair. Removing this by beating and vacuuming is hard, but it depends on which vacuum cleaner you use. Try using a stiff-bristled clothing or utility brush to remove hair from your carpet.

How to Vacuum Your Modern Rugs

In some cases, rugs may be too small to vacuum. You can, therefore, skip this step. A medium or large rug will benefit. Vacuum your wool rug between professional cleanings two to four times per month.

Wool rugs shed fibers when first purchased, which is normal. It is not unusual for wool rugs to shed fibers, especially when they are new. It may seem like a hassle at first; however, your Rug should shed less over time.

There are differing opinions on whether you should clean a rug with a vacuum cleaner with a beater. Others say it will cause the fibers to be damaged. The care label, if present, may give you some insight.

It’s probably best to be cautious and avoid the beater bar if in doubt. It would be best to never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater on a fringed carpet. Use an upholstery attachment or a handheld vacuum to clean the fringes.

Remove Stains from your Modern Area Rug

Your Rug is bound to be stained by spills, muddy tracks, and other accidents. Try to wipe up the spill before rubbing it. Rubbing will only push the stain deeper into the fibers.

The best way to remove stains depends on their cause. If possible, check the label to see if there are any instructions. Test a small area to ensure that colors won’t run.

Avoid getting your wool Rug wet as much as possible. The fibers will absorb water, and it will be hard to dry the Rug completely. To remove the stain, use as little water as possible.

What to do with your modern area rugs

Wool rugs require more care than the categories listed above. Here are a few other tips.

* Place a rug mat beneath the rug. This will protect the rug and keep it from slipping.

* Do not tug on any loose fibers. Snip them with scissors if they are sticking out from the surface.

Rotate your rug every three months to avoid uneven wear or sun fading.

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