How to choose the right size rug – Room by Room

Consider these factors when selecting the size of your rug.

There are no strict rules for the size of rugs in different rooms or seating areas. However, there are some factors to take into consideration when selecting the size.

Measure your room: Before deciding on the rug size, you need to measure the space. Try to leave at least 18-24″ of flooring around the room’s perimeter if you have a wooden floor.

Measuring the space with a tape:¬†Use a measuring tape to measure the area you want to cover. You can either choose a rug of a standard size that is closest to the measurements, or you can have a rug custom-made for your space. Sounds expensive? This doesn’t have to be. Sisal Rugs Direct specializes in affordable custom-sized rugs. You can see for yourself by clicking on “Custom Options” at the top of all our product pages.

Family Room/Living Room: Arrange furniture before determining the size of the new area rug. All of the legs on the table should be resting upon a carpet that is the same size as the room. This will make the room appear more cohesive. If you have a small area rug, it may be better to keep all the legs off. A good rule of thumb is to have all legs on or off. Your sofa should not be half-on and half-off the rug.

Dining Room/Kitchen: Under the Dining Room or Kitchen table, or any table with a rug underneath, the carpet must be large enough to allow the chairs to be pulled up and down from the table easily without catching the edge. The wig should extend at least 24 inches from the table edge on all four sides. The back legs of chairs will be able to rest on the carpet even if the chair is pushed out slightly when someone sits down. Don’t have chairs that are half on the rug and half off. The chairs will look sloppy if they are constantly moved over the carpet.

Bedroom: To look balanced, the area rug must extend at least 18 inches beyond the side of a King or Queen bed. It should also extend at least 12 inches for Full and Twin beds. You can make the rug larger if you have a bigger bedroom, but not smaller.

Areas with High Traffic: It’s considered unattractive to have a rug that is halfway between the carpet and “no rug” in a place where there is a lot of traffic. You don’t want to have one foot on the rug and another off when you walk through a site.

You can see that there are no rules for the size of an area rug in relation to the size of the space or room to be covered. However, hopefully, you have some guidelines when choosing your carpet.

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