How to clean a Shag Area Rug

All area rugs will eventually get dirty, no matter how neat you are. The cleanliness and longevity of your carpet are affected by dust, sand, foot traffic, and spills. Shag area rugs may be more vulnerable to soiling due to the long fibers that make up their pile.

Don’t worry – these easy steps will help you achieve that shag style and keep it looking clean.

Vacuum frequently

Vacuums are the first thing you should do for regular maintenance. Ideally, all rugs need to be vacuumed twice a week and shag area rugs more often. Use the gentle suction option on shag area rugs instead of the beater.

Turn the rug over, vacuum the back, and you will be able to protect the long strands, regardless of the material. The dirt will be pulled through the backing and removed without damaging the fibers. Never vacuum tassels, fringe, or tassels directly.

The old-fashioned method of “taking it outside and beating it from beneath” is another way to remove loose dirt and soil. This method has been used for many years, long before vacuum cleaners were invented. This method will only work if the shag rug is small. A 9×12 or 8×10 area rug is very large and difficult to handle.

Removing stains

Never allow a spill to settle. Even shag rugs that are stain resistant can be damaged by a stain that has set in. If the liquid is the cause of the stain, quickly wipe away any excess moisture using a cloth that does not have color. White is always the best choice. Keep blotting and pressing until as much moisture is absorbed as possible. Avoid rubbing the fabric, as this can make the stain even worse. You also risk damaging the shag fibers.

You can use a rug-spot cleaning product if you still see the stain. Just make sure you blot the area, not rub it, and then follow the instructions on the cleaner. Test a small section first to check for colorfastness and make sure that the cleaner will not damage the rug.

Solid stains, such as food drops, should be gently lifted from the fibers. Any remaining staining can then be blotted, just like liquid stains.

White vinegar

White vinegar is a safe and effective way to remove pet stains. Always dilute vinegar with water in equal amounts (spring or distilled water is preferred to avoid mineral deposits). The solution should be gently blotted on the stain and then blotted dry with a clean white cloth. The smell of vinegar can deter your pet from repeating the same accident on your rug.

Dry bathing

Dry shampoo is another little-known way to clean stains on a shag carpet, such as coffee stains. Dry shampoos work in a similar way to human hair. They absorb oil and other contaminants. This method involves blotting any visible stain and then sprinkling a little dry shampoo over the area. After a few moments, gently remove the residue. Follow up with a small amount of distilled or spring water on a soft cloth to remove any remaining shampoo.

Steam cleaning

You can maintain your shag carpet clean by using a steam cleaner. Vacuum first to remove any loose dirt or grime. You will have a slightly wet rug after steaming (but don’t soak it). So, you will need a place to hang the carpet safely to dry safely.

Rotating and cleaning your rug

Professionals can clean really stubborn stains. Rotation and annual professional cleanings will extend the life expectancy of your shag rugs. Rotating your shag rug reduces sun damage and traffic wear.

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