How to hang a rug on a wall

This guide from Sisal Rugs Direct will show you how to hang a carpet on a wall.

You may want to hang your rug on the wall. It could be a family heirloom or a flea-market purchase. You can turn a natural fiber rug to give a more organic room feel.

You’ll want to ensure you do it correctly, no matter the reason. Doing it correctly is essential so you don’t damage the rug, the wall, or yourself. Let’s get started!

Where should I hang my rug

You can hang a rug anywhere tall and wide enough to accommodate it. We want to mention that you should never turn a rug above or near heat sources such as fireplaces or vents. No matter the fire hazard’s minor, it’s better to avoid them. Also, avoid hanging wall art directly in the sun. This could cause fading and other cosmetic damage.

What will I need to hang a rug

Velcro is the most effective way to hang a carpet on a wall. Although it takes a bit more work, the benefit of not worrying about tacks or nails damaging your rug is worth it. You’ll need the following to hang your rug with Velcro.

Velcro tape is similar to the type found here or here.

Unbleached heavy cotton or muslin fabric

Carpet thread and needle

Fabric scissors

A staple gun

Drill with screws

Two pieces of wood as thin and flat as your rug

How to hang a rug

This method of rug hanging does not take into account the size or weight of your rug. This method can attach even heavier rugs, such as large-area rugs.

It’s now time to do it. Here’s how:

Cut the muslin using scissors to match the width and height of the rug. Cut two strips of Velcro to fit the width.

Use the needle, thread, and the soft side of the Velcro to attach it to the muslin. Use the same supplies to gently stitch the rug’s back to the muslin once the Velcro has been linked.

Take the wood. Cut it into two pieces, each measuring the same width as the rug.

Use the stapler to attach another length of Velcro. The rough side should be facing the wood. Repeat this process twice for each piece.

You’ll now use your drill and screws to hang these two pieces on the wall. To ensure everything will align, you’ll need to measure the rug and wall space.

You can then match the Velcro on the rug with the Velcro on the hanging wood to create a hanging carpet.

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