How to hang an area rug on your wall

Consider hanging an area rug on the wall to create a unique, eye-catching decor piece. This will not only add texture and color to your room but also protect the carpet. When hanging an area rug to the wall, follow these steps.

Choose the Right Spot

Decide where you’d like to hang your rug before turning it. Select a location that complements and enhances the rug’s design and colors. Hang it over a couch or bed or in the hallway or foyer.

Select the Right Hardware

To hang an area rug successfully on a wall, you need the right hardware. The rod or dowel should be slightly wider than your rug. You’ll also need brackets or hooks that will hold it in place. Select hardware that can support the weight and is durable.

Attach Hardware

Please make sure the brackets and hooks are level before attaching them to the wall. Insert the rod through the brackets. You may need more than one hook or bracket to support the rod’s weight, depending on the size and shape of your rug.

Hang the Rug

The rug can be hung once the hardware has been installed. Fold the carpet lengthways so that the back is facing out. Fold the rug in half lengthwise so that the back is facing out. Adjust the carpet to ensure that it hangs straight and is centered. The rug should be smoothed out to remove any wrinkles.

Secure your Rug

You can use some simple tricks to keep the rug in position. Use fabric adhesive or Velcro strips to attach the top of the carpet to the wall. You can also use small nails or Tacks.

Hanging an area rug on the wall will enhance its beauty and bring visual interest to your room. Follow these steps to mount your rug on the walls easily and securely and create an eye-catching focal point for any room.

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