How to maintain and clean the rug at home

Keeping your rug clean and well-maintained is essential, significantly if you invested in a custom-made mat.

This will keep your home looking stylish and extend the rug’s life. Rug cleaning and maintenance may seem simple, but you should be aware.

You may need help to invest the time and effort required, especially if you are busy.

Tips for Keeping Your Rug Clean

A reliable routine is essential for busy individuals who want to keep their rugs in good condition. By establishing a routine for cleaning and sticking to it, you can improve the health of your rug.

When determining this daily schedule, you should consider the size and material of your rug. A general cleaning schedule should include the following:

Shake Your rug

If you have a small rug or a rug from a particular region, a good shake can help remove soil and residue.

This is only a problem if your rug is large. It is easy to fold, remove, and clean up smaller carpets.

The dust accumulated in the rug after the last cleaning can be removed by tidying.

You may need someone to help you move a large rug.

Vacuum Regularly

Setting up a regular vacuuming routine is a great way to keep your rug clean.

Set a schedule each morning or night before you go to bed. Depending on the traffic, you can vacuum your rugs every 2 to 3 weeks,

Vacuuming regularly will ensure that soil and residue do not settle deeply into the rug’s strands.

Remove Stains Instantly

Undoubtedly, spillages of wine or food will occur sooner or later. Stains should be treated immediately after they appear.

Many rug owners use unacceptable methods to remove stains, which can spread the stain further.

A simple way to remove smudges from surfaces is to use a small washcloth and a mixture of warm water with a gentle cleaning agent. Then, mop the affected area.

Blotting stains is more effective than scrubbing the affected area thoroughly. To remove the stain, smear it on the affected area repeatedly.

Profound Cleaning

The carpet should be deep cleaned at least once a year. The deep cleaning of your carpet requires time, effort, and investment.

You should hire a rug-cleaning organization with the appropriate equipment, hardware, and skills to meet this need.

If you live alone, the required deep cleaning may only be done once a year. This service may be needed twice or quarterly if you have a large family or children.

If you have a small carpet, it might be best to hand wash the carpet for a thorough cleaning. It is better to hire a professional floor covering cleaner for larger rugs.

How to Dry Your Rug Completely

If you’ve ever spilled liquids onto your carpet and not dried it properly, you know the bad smell of this.

Try to dry your rug properly after deep cleaning. If you have a modest rug, spread it out under the sun to dry.

Invest in Quality Padding

A nice rug is not part of the deal. You should invest in quality cushioning to avoid direct contact between carpet and floor.

Quality cushioning can help to maintain the rug and improve its feel. It will also reduce wear on the carpet and extend its life.

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