How to place your rug perfectly

Rugs are the best way to ground and unify a room. Rugs can be used as floor art to bring color, pattern, and life to your room. They offer warmth and comfort and are also a great way to add warmth and comfort. We enjoy working with clients to find the perfect rug for their space. This is done by identifying what suits their style and lifestyle. Positioning is as essential as the style.

Here are some tips to ensure your rug placement is perfect. Before we move on to the post, let’s consider the importance of selecting a suitable rug material. How can you choose the right rug material for your home?

The rug material is just as important as the size. Here are a few of the most common materials available today, compared to each other.

Wool Rug

Resilient wool fabrics are warm, cozy, and an excellent option for areas with high traffic or rooms where children are often present.

Cotton Rug

Cotton rugs work well for frequently changed rooms, like the bathroom or den. They are usually inexpensive.

Synthetic Rug

The appearance of the space can be changed more often with synthetic rugs, usually made to last, be stain-resistant, and colorfast.

Other factors influence the choice of carpets for your home besides rug material. After purchasing the carpet, it’s essential to ensure the rug is placed correctly. Here’s how to ensure that your rug placement is flawless.

Living Room


In an ample space with a floating area for the lounge, the rug should cover every piece of furniture, including its front and rear legs.

If your sofa faces a wall, make sure the legs of the furniture are on the rug.


Avoid buying a rug that is too small and only fits underneath the coffee table. Your feet should always be on the carpet when sitting at the table.

Dining Room


Choose a rug with enough space to accommodate your table, chairs, and other furniture, even when the table is removed. It should have at least 24-inch extra space on each side.

The same rules apply to a round dining table. The rug should be long enough to cover the chairs, regardless of whether it is circular or rectangular.


Avoid using a rug too small to cover the table or chairs.

The round rug can cause guests to trip as they pull out their chairs.

The Bedroom


Choose a rug large enough to cover the bed and leave room for extra work space on both sides of the bed and at the end. Ideally, all furniture should be placed over the rug.

The clever idea is to place two tiny rugs on either side of your bed. This is especially useful if you do not have a nightstand at one end of the bed but instead have a desk or dresser.

If you have a corner bed or two twins, a runner on the side of your mattress can be a good option.


Avoid placing a small rug in the middle of the room at the foot. This rug is incredibly disproportional and looks like a stamp. You want to feel comfortable when you get out of bed.

With more information about the placement, styles, and materials of rugs, you will be on the right track. The look of each room should be developed gradually.

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