How to Remove Bumps from Area Rugs

Adding area rugs to your living room or home office is a wonderful idea. Area rugs add comfort, style, and elegance, making a room feel more inviting and homey. Many homeowners have to deal with the wrinkles, bumps, and folds that are often found in their area rugs. There are several simple ways to get a rug to lie flat on the ground.

These are the best ways to remove bumps from area rug.

Commonly Used Techniques to Remove Bumps from an Area Rug

Google will provide you with a variety of DIY solutions for rugs that are bumpy. Just to be clear, we do not recommend these techniques because they are a bit dangerous.

If you hold a blow dryer in place for too long, it can damage wooden floors (or even create a fire hazard). The residual dampness of a dryer may also cause mold to form on the underside of a rug. Carpet tape or rug tap can also damage hardwood flooring material.

You’re most likely to come across the following DIY bumpy rug techniques:

Flip the rug and shake it to remove most of the wrinkles.

Use a hairdryer at a distance of around 6 inches to flatten the bump and dry the rug.

Use a stiff brush to realign the fibers of the rug if it is a major bump or the result of carpet stretching.

You can also throw your rug in the dryer with a wet towel. Set it on the highest setting and leave it there for 15 minutes.

Steam irons can be used to smooth out wrinkles or bumps by using the steam setting and moving the iron in a pattern that matches the fibers of the rug.

Spray the affected areas with water and let them air dry.

To stick the rug in place, use a rug tap or carpet tape.

Use a carpet installer or power stretcher to clamp the rug’s end under a heavy item or over an exposed area of tack strips. Then, stretch out the problematic area.

Use any heavy furniture that you have to flatten the rug. Over time, the rug will flatten and return to its original form if you use heavy furniture to help with the problem areas.

We’ve found that using a rug pad of high quality is the best solution to removing bumps on rugs.

Rug pads are best for removing bumps on an area rug

Rug pads are more than just a way to protect your floors. They also prevent slips and trips. Rug pads can also extend the life of a carpet by preventing it from becoming frayed, clumpy, or bumpy. The rug will not stretch, curl, buckle, or do anything else of the sort if it remains in its original location.

Rug pads have a number of other advantages as well.

They repel dirt and moisture. Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer.

It is easy to clean. They can be cleaned in the washing machines and dried quickly.

Absorb and reduce sound. Rug pads can reduce the sound of footsteps. They are especially useful in multi-story houses.

Cushioning and comfort are provided. Especially if you don’t wear shoes, such as in an area with carpet.

Prevent furniture dent. Rug pad padding will make furniture dents a thing of the past.

Rug pads reduce the likelihood of carpet dents. Dents are more common when carpet rugs are sandwiched in between a hard surface floor and heavy furniture. Rug pads can reduce the likelihood of a carpet dent by adding an additional layer of cushioning between two surfaces.

Before you buy , here are some things to consider

It’s important that you understand why cheaper rug pads can ruin your expensive floors. Cheap Rug Pads can be made of imported materials that are packed with toxic chemicals and corrosive agents. These will eventually dissolve your flooring and cause expensive damages. Hardwood flooring is particularly vulnerable to harsh chemicals. If damaged, it can be very expensive to replace or repair.

Choose a rug pad made of high-quality materials to avoid this. When choosing a rug pad, jute is the best material to use. These materials are not only more durable than cheaper alternatives but also make your rug and floor look great. They prevent the carpet from becoming bumpy and clumpy.

Best rug pads for bumpy area rugs

Look for rug pads that are neutral in color and made from natural materials. They should also be non-slip and have a high level of grip to flatten your area rug.

The best rug pads are available for all sizes of area rugs.


RugPro is a combination of a thin felt layer and a natural rubber backing that provides a high-performance grip. Rubber grip allows for a thin rug pad that is ideal for wood or laminate flooring. RugPro has a textured top that prevents rugs from sliding, even when they are heavily used.

The double-surface design has an extremely soft texture that grips your carpet loops in place and resists dirt accumulation on hard floors. The top is machine-made to prevent buckling, bumps and sagging. It also allows for air circulation below the carpet.

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