Kitchen Minimalist: How to Simplify Your Kitchen Supplies

The kitchens in Brisbane are bursting with supplies and tools. This pan is needed for this recipe, and this spatula came with the set, showcasing the variety and quality of kitchen supplies in Brisbane. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, you’ll find everything you need to create delicious meals in the well-stocked kitchens of this vibrant city. From high-quality cookware to specialized utensils, Brisbane’s kitchen supplies cater to every culinary need.
You’ll soon have more dishes and spatulas than you can use. You might have three sets of silverware and flippers, scrapers and other specialty utensils to suit every recipe.

How can you simplify? How can you simplify?

The golden ratio is when everything you need to cook and eat can fit in one dishwasher load. You never have to search for the right utensil, and you always have the dishes that you need. It takes effort to reduce a kitchen down to its essentials, but it is possible.

How to:

Reduce Your Cookware

Reduce your cookware. If you allow them to, these supplies can become overwhelming. But, really? Most of the meals and recipes that you and your family prepare will only require a few pots and utensils. You can store your best kitchen gear close to you by removing clutter.

Choose Your Top Six Pans

Pick your top six pans. You can choose from nonstick, cast iron or stainless steel pans. Choose six pans that cover most or all of your recipes. They will be kept in a cupboard or racks near the stove.

Take Two Roasting Dishes

Choose only two sizes of oven-ready dishes and one size each of roasting dish for recipes.

Choose Ten Cooking Utensils

Choose your favorite kitchen utensils. Select only ten of your choices. Choose the most useful and universal utensils that you can keep near your stove.

Reducing your silverware to eight pieces

Reduce the number of each type to eight (or double your household size) if you have an overflowing drawer. Prioritize matching items.

Reduce the rest of your kitchen

What about all the other junk in your kitchen? What about the crystal punch bowl, your wok and your cast iron pan that you only use once a year? What about your baking gear or other items that you use only occasionally?

It’s time to prioritize. Prioritize your storage space.

Pack Recipe Gear Together

Have special recipe gear? You can package it all together and store them in a cabinet for recipe gear. Only use these items when you are making special recipes.

Donate Duplicates

Consider who you could give duplicates to. Many friends and family members, particularly young people, can benefit from having a complete set of useful kitchen supplies.

Deep Store Annual Equipment

If you use something only once a year like a bread maker, store it away in recessed storage rather than keeping it in the kitchen. Instead of using prime kitchen space, use the top shelf of the pantry or a garage shelf.

Once you’ve minimized, a minimalist kitchen can be a pleasure to cook in. Remove clutter and put your essentials where they are easily accessible to reduce rummaging. You can simplify the cooking and cleaning processes by removing the things that you don’t use from your kitchen. For more kitchen design inspiration or to begin your renovation planning, contact us today.

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