Modern Area Rug Styles

Modern Rugs: Your Search for the Perfect Style

There are several factors to consider when choosing a modern or any style area rug. You may have a preference for contemporary or traditional styles. You may have a favorite color or rug design and motif.

Consider the function of the space. It would help if you considered the purpose of your room. Do you want it to be relaxing and calm? You want to make your area feel vibrant and festive. Consider your style. Your new rug must blend seamlessly with the rest of your furnishings. Don’t let your questions overwhelm you. We’re here to assist. Please read about the different types of area rugs, and use our rug style guide to help you decide.

Why should you consider adding a modern rug

A modern rug is a beautiful addition to any space. The rug can define an area or as a noise control on hardwood floors. Rugs add depth to rooms with carpeted flooring. Rugs are a great way to unify a room’s decor, define the living areas, and make it feel bigger. They can also be used to keep rugs fresh. Rugs can help determine the purpose of each room in a home with an open concept.

Large Rugs Create an optical illusion that makes the room appear larger. Rugs can bring together the rest of your decor and become that element that brings everything together. A new carpet can transform the appearance of a space without having to change large furniture pieces. It is easier and cheaper to switch accessories.

Modern Rug Styles: Choose Your Modern Rug Style

The rug style is a significant factor in adding a rug to your house. When searching for the right modern rug, you’ll come across three main classes: transitional, traditional, and contemporary. Our rug style guide will show you how to use each type of rug in your home.

Traditional Modern Area Rugs

The easiest way to identify a traditional rug’s style is by looking at the color. Persian, Oriental, and other classic styles are included in traditional rugs. The traditional rugs are intricate and highly detailed. Traditional designs were developed in the royal eras in many countries. Traditional rugs give a room a more formal appearance and a sense of coziness and sophistication.

Like traditional furniture, traditional rugs offer comfort and classic style. Traditional rugs have a variety of colors and designs, as well as a distinctive border. Traditional rugs can be pictorial and even depict a scene or a still life. You can find rugs from the 18th century with English sophistication or French charm. Soumaks and Dhurries are considered part of the traditional rug collection, even though they may appear more Tribal.

You can pair traditional rugs with more neutral colors with warm woods and bronze decor. Traditional rugs pair well with draperies that have embellishments like tassels. Traditional rugs go best with furniture that has soft curves and edges. A traditional rug can be the perfect finishing touch if you have chandeliers, candles, still-life paintings, or crystals in your decor. Depending on their intricate details, these rugs can be feminine or masculine. They can also add a bold, masculine feel with dark colors and patterns. Consider pairing a rug with leather furniture.

Look around your house to see if you can find a rug that matches your style and home decor. Do not be afraid to experiment with a different look. If you want to update your look, it is simple to do.

Contemporary Modern Rugs

A contemporary rug can be considered a piece of art in and of itself. The rug does not follow trends from hundreds of years back. Contemporary rugs can be as individual as the person who bought them. Contemporary rugs, while sophisticated, can also be playful, official, or Romantic. The contemporary rug can be a one-of-a-kind accessory, regardless of its color, style, or design. Patterns are usually modern and less complex.

Contemporary rugs have a lot of variety and are original. Bold colors, contrasting patterns, and geometric designs characterize them. They often have retro elements like Art Deco. Contemporary rugs are often original pieces of art. Contemporary rugs have unique qualities.

You will never see another rug like it. The bold design can cover the entire rug or only part of it. Contemporary rugs can have a variety of features.

Choosing the right contemporary rug for your home can be difficult. It can be difficult to choose the right rug for your home. Consider pairing your bold rug with eclectic furnishings and accessories. Bold, contemporary rugs can be more fun and risky. Rug sizes are also important to consider. Living-room rugs, for example, need to be big enough to accommodate the legs of the furniture. Placing the rug underneath the furniture will make it appear bigger. Do not anchor rugs under furniture pieces like coffee tables.

Rugs should be placed under the two-thirds bottom of the bed in a bedroom. In a bedroom, a smaller rug can look like a bathmat. Choose a rug with a pattern covering the entire rug area if you have bulkier furniture. Arrange the rug to allow you to see the whole pattern. Use the rug you choose with furniture that has exposed legs if the pattern only covers a small portion of the rug. This will allow you to enjoy both the rug and the furniture.

It is fine to select printed rugs if your furniture is also printed. A style tip for patterns is to choose a pattern with a different size from the rest of your furniture patterns. The smaller pattern can be used as a background, while the larger one will stand out. You can choose between traditional and contemporary rugs if you are confident about your style.

Take a look at your space and make an inventory of the furniture you have. Ask yourself these questions. What do you want to convey with this space? What do you want people to feel as they enter the space? These questions will help you choose the right style for you.

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