Rugs: Avoid these mistakes when decorating your home with them

Choose The Wrong Rug Size

The size of a rug can significantly impact the overall effect of a room. A rug too small for the space you have can make it feel unattractive. Unexpectedly, a too large carpet can make the room seem smaller. The perfect-sized area carpet will bring balance and affection to the room.

We offer the rug in 3 to 4 sizes. When looking for carpets, check the available sizes to ensure that the rug is in the desired size.

If you choose to have your rug made custom, you can make it in any size you desire. It is advantageous to have your carpet made from broadloom, especially if you want it in a size that’s not standard.

Select the Right Rug Material for Your Space

Determining the type of rug that is best for your room is crucial. You should consider how the space will be used and the traffic it will receive. Also, it would be best to decide how large a luxury rug is.


Wool rugs are the most popular material for rugs. They’re made of high-quality materials, and work best in bedrooms, dining rooms, and other well-used areas.


Silk rugs are luxurious and shimmering. They are known for their softness and subtle shine. Silk rugs work best in living rooms and areas with low traffic.


Cotton rugs are commonly used to create flat-weaved rugs like kilims and dhurries. These rugs work best in kitchens, kids’ rooms, and other relaxed spaces.

Sisal Jute Ocean Grass

Natural grasses, and other fibers, which are long-lasting and durable, combine with neutral, plain colors and an affluent feel to create the ultimate design of chameleons. These rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas, sunlit rooms, and bedrooms.

Consider Design and Durability

When choosing a rug, choose one that can set a mood and balance the room’s key colors. Darker colors give a more friendly vibe, whereas lighter shades make small spaces appear more prominent. Red and black are warm colors, while white and blues are soothing. While you are choosing your rug design, remember to consider its durability.

Try To Match The Whole Thing

You know, those living room sets that look the same and have everything on display simultaneously. It will lack originality if it gives your room a standard look. It would be best if you chose a rug with contrasting colors to make the room more classy and create a perfect space for you.

It’s Not Important How to Set an Area Rug

Many people buy area rugs just to put everything on top. You can’t even see it. You want to show off that beautiful rug. Always go higher when in doubt. It is equally important to avoid covering the entire area with a carpet.

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