Rugs Color Guide – How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug Color

Rugs can add color and pattern to a room by using the floor as a fifth wall. Now, the floor can be the main focus of the room rather than just an afterthought. Rugs have been a popular choice for many years. The trends for 2021 revolve around self-expression.

What is the best way to choose the color of your rug? It’s an art to select the perfect rug color for your home. If you want to ditch your Mid-Century Modern design for the latest trend, your rug color must be able to complement your aesthetic while also being versatile.

When you are looking at the different rug options on the market, remember that they differ in terms of color, pile, material, price, and more. When choosing rug colors, you should consider several factors. This blog can help you decide on the right rug color for your home. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect rug color.

Select Your Rug Style

When choosing a rug you’ll love to own, certain factors should be taken into account. Your lifestyle and style are the two most important factors. For a carpet to last for years, it must be able to withstand your lifestyle and style.

Your style, indeed, does matter. You can create a mood by placing certain colors in your room to compliment your furniture and decor. Others want to make their living room a calm and serene space, while others prefer a lively and active one. After a hard day at work, the right rug color will make you feel calm and relaxed. If so, choose a rug in peach-toned wool or one made of ice-blue natural materials. Try ivory rugs, geometric patterns, or a hand-knotted carpet.

Consider Your Placing

Do you plan to place your rug in an area that will be heavily trafficked, like a family room or hallway? Have you got pets or young children? You’ll need a carpet that is durable and easy to clean, such as seagrass, wool, or a blend of synthetic fibers. A dark-colored rug with a pattern will help hide dirt or stains in areas that are frequently used. Be sure that the carpet you choose complements your overall interior design. You might not be thinking as deeply as you should. You are the best at styling your home. Trust your instincts. If you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to buy a popular rug. You may love your rug now, but will it be the same tomorrow? Choose wisely and think carefully!

How to Balance the Color Tones

You’re mistaken if you think that there are only a few colors available on the market. Take cues from the existing colors in your house when choosing a rug color. You can get the perfect rug color by looking at the walls, furniture, and upholstery. Even the pillows, vases, and pillows themselves will help you. Choose the colors that complement each other and find a rug with all of them. It’s simple, right? You need to check the available tones and choose the one that goes well with your existing carpet. It is one of the easiest methods to select a rug’s color. The balance is key.

Play with Colors

You are the type of person who is happy to experiment without worrying about what it will produce. Why not experiment with colors? If you are looking to add some twists to your room, an area rug is the best option. Rugs can instantly change the mood of a room and anchor it. You can choose a monochrome rug in white or beige or add visual weight with bold colors. It is important to select two or three colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. White color rugs give the impression of innocence and cleanliness. The color white shows imperfections and needs maintenance. It’s a good choice for your house if you are able to maintain it. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but you can make your room look exactly as you want it to.

Select The Rug Color

You’re ready to start now that you understand what matters most when choosing the rug color. You should first take stock of your existing color scheme. To tie the look together in the room, introduce a rug that complements two or three of the main colors.

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