Rugs damaged by house plants Your options

Leaving a potted flower near a carpet unattended for too long can cause a sizeable dry rot in the rug.

Please read on to discover why it happens => Don’t water the Rugs!

This is what happened to the runner. This rug began to rot from the inside after absorbing moisture from a potted plant.

This damage cannot be reversed or corrected. You can see how this damage is irreversible if you have ever held drapes exposed to the sun for many years. They will fray like paper in your hand.

You might pay thousands of dollars to have the rug rewoven by a company in the country it was made. But the carpet will never look the same. When a rug has structural damage, it cannot be “restored” to its original state.

You may want to consider having the area repaired. It would require removing the entire damaged area and any mildew-affected areas, then securing the patch to the hole. This will allow the rug to be strong and usable again. Rug owners with significant dry rot will usually choose this method of repair.

One option is to make the runner look like it was meant to be that size.

Pay special attention to rugs near plants if you’re a cleaner picking up rugs for your facility. Look for any signs of bleed, mildew, or stiffness in the area. All of these are signs that water damage has occurred.

You should make sure that you keep your plants elevated or off of the rug. Also, fold the rug away from the plant during watering.

While inspecting your rugs, look for bugs, especially if they haven’t been touched in months. Read this article for tips on spotting bugs and keeping carpet beetles and moths away.¬†Moths Bugs And Rugs: What You Need to Know.

If you leave the damage unattended, it can become severe. You can prevent costly repairs by regularly checking your rugs.

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