Spring Home Interior Trends

The spring has definitely sprung, and we are inspired by the longer days and brighter skies to refresh our homes.

Pinterest and Instagram have a wealth of interior design inspiration. But what are the top spring home decor trends? Here’s a list of seven interior design styles that are sure to keep your home looking fabulous and fresh all spring.

Spring Home Decor Trends

Natural & Neutral

A natural aesthetic is one of spring’s most popular interior design trends. We’ve created a balance between the indoors and the outdoors in our homes because we have so much technology. This is especially true during the summer months.

The ‘barely there’ (A.K.A. The popularity of various shades and types of beige is on the rise, as well as filling each room with plants. Rattan and Jute furniture are also in high demand. Wicker can be found everywhere, including storage baskets, light shades, and chairs.

Flatweave rugs in beige can help tie a neutral and natural space together. These rugs add texture and create an airy and light atmosphere to any room.

Rich Colours

Contrary to our first trend of muted colors, a rich palette of colors is one of the interior design trends for spring. Grey is being replaced by deep shades of blue, purple, and green. Pantone has even announced that Classic Blue is the color of.

Jewel tones can add sophistication and personality to any room. Imagine navy cabinets in the kitchen, velvet sofas in forest green, dark purple throws, and dark blue rugs.

Try using bronze light fixtures, gold photo frames, or mirrored surfaces to add a stylish finish.

70s Chic

You can see the ’70s in our home decor and the clothing on the high street.

Natural materials and eclecticism blend seamlessly in a 1970s aesthetic. You can bring the 70s into your home by using rattan furniture, vintage books, and your grandparents’ ornaments.

Another ’70s classic, shag and fringe will add personality to any room. Shaggy throws, rugs, and pillows look great, feel fantastic, and are super comfy.

Middle Eastern

Home decor trends include the colors, textures, and patterns of the Middle East, which are perfect for spring.

Middle Eastern style combines earthy tones with vibrant tropical colors inspired by golden sunsets and palm trees. Dark woods, ceramics, and clay can be combined with oversized houseplants and deep cushions.

Add a touch to your home with lanterns, embroidered fabric, low coffee tables, and ceramic cookware. You can also add timeless Oriental rugs.


Grand Millennial style, as you might guess, is a popular home decor trend among the millennial generation. The 1920s and 30s inspire this trend. It contrasts with the minimalistic 21st-century minimalism with its clean lines and monochrome color palette.

Grandmillennial style allows you to inject your home with a lot more personality, life, and character. Remember to maintain a balance between colors and patterns in order to avoid an overly cluttered and stuffy space.

Don’t forget florals when you are attempting to achieve a grand millennial look. The floral pattern is a great millennial classic and can be used in your home using bold floral wallpaper or flowery, ditsy bedding.

Consider velvet furniture, chintz decor, and ginger jars for more grand millennial ideas.

Go Geometric

Geometric interiors can be eye-catching and timeless. They are also a lot of hilarity. Geometric prints can instantly add interest to any furniture or decor item, whether they are subtle or bold.

The geometric trend is probably present in a variety of rooms. Hexagonal tile, for example, looks great on bathroom walls and kitchen walls.

A rug will help you easily incorporate this trend into your home. A geometric rug, even if it is more muted in color, will be a focal point for any room.

Pretty Pastels

The pastel shades of spring are one of the most popular trends in home decor. This palette will breathe new life into your home and create a positive environment.

Millennial pink is a color that has been popular for a number of years and continues to be so. Why not incorporate other popular pastel shades like duck egg blue, buttercup yellow, or pale mint green?

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