Steps To Maintain Your Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs can be expensive works of art. If you don’t care for them, they will lose their charm. Hand-knotted and handmade rugs, like other rugs made by artisans, are created with care and dedication. Handmade rugs have a high quality and are durable. Rugs’ colors can fade due to exposure to dust and sunlight. Maintaining your rug so its colors do not fade and the design is eye-catching will help it last longer. You can preserve the life of your rug and keep it looking beautiful for many years by following these simple steps.

Cleaning the rug

Dust can dull the rug’s shine and, in the long run, can cause the color to fade. Dusting the carpet is the most effective method to remove dust. Use a broom or stick to beat the rug. This will remove the dust from your carpets. You can hang the carpet and then top it backward to remove dust.


Occasionally, dust remains even after dusting. Vacuuming can be a great solution in such situations. Vacuuming the rug will remove any dust that is left. Rugs will sparkle if you clean them every 15 days.

Remove the Stains

It is best to remove any stains from your rug. Rug fibers tend to degrade when they have stains or marks. Handmade rugs tend to be more durable than machine-made rugs, but rough rubbing of stains may damage the material and fibers. Other cleaning methods are preferable. Water is not the most effective way to clean wool rugs. Use baby wipes or recommended cleaning products to remove stains.

Rotation Rugs

Rotating or changing rugs is another way to maintain carpets. Rugs fade with time. Rugs can fade in certain areas but not others. The beauty of the carpet is reduced in this condition. It is best to rotate rugs every 3 to 6 months. This will ensure that your carpet fades evenly and lasts long.

Handmade rugs can add beauty to any home. Unique and expensive, they are. They can live a long life if they are correctly cared for. Follow the tips above to maintain your handmade rug.

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