Texture and Interior Design: How to Use it for Benefits

Texture is an excellent way to make subtle changes in your interior design that will have a big impact on the overall look. Texture is a great way to bring a room on trend and can have both physical and visual benefits.

It can be not easy to decide how to incorporate texture into a room. There are so many options. This post will show you five easy ways to incorporate texture in your home.


You may choose your flooring or other surfaces if you’re renovating your home or just moved in. Marble tiles and concrete surfaces with smooth finishes usually create a minimalist look.

This can be done by layering raw materials like wood or brickwork (if your home has this feature). It’s a great way of adding texture and a rustic feel.

You can also find out more about the following:

Statement furniture can add texture and interest and define the unique feel and look of any room. Remember that interior design is all about contrast when choosing your furniture.

If you have smooth, grey walls, you can add texture to the room by adding a sofa in a crushed velvet color. It doesn’t have to be a vibrant color, but something that isn’t grey will do. The velvet material itself will create the texture.


Rugs are the easiest and most affordable option to transform a room. You can change a room with a rug, whether you choose a sheepskin rug to add warmth or a modern rug for a splash of color or pattern. With so many styles available, you’re spoilt for choices when it comes to adding the desired texture. Finding the perfect rug for your interior isn’t difficult. Please read our blog to learn which rug will work best in the space that you have created.

Simple Textiles & Fabrics

It’s not necessary to buy a large rug or piece of furniture to complete your room. Smaller items can make a big difference, especially if the room already has patterned and patterned furnishings.

freshome suggests combining a variety of small textiles such as throw cushions, fabric trimmings, and blankets in a concentrated area to attract people and create a “cosy hub” for guests to congregate (perfect for living rooms in particular).

Decor Items

These items, also known as finishing touches, can be the cherry on the cake when it comes to adding texture to interior design. Items such as a piece of artwork or a bouquet can add color and depth to any room.

It’s vital to select your finishing touches carefully and make sure they add value rather than just ‘filling’ the space. It’s important not to clutter a room as this can make it appear smaller.

You should now be able to add more texture and interest to your room. Even though adding items to your space may not have an impact on the way it is used in everyday life, it will change the way it feels. This can make it a more comfortable space to spend time with family.

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