The five biggest rug trends of 2018 that will continue into 2024

Rugs are a key element in the interior design world as we enter the new year. Rugs are not only a way to add warmth and comfort, but they also make a strong design statement. Rug trends in 2023 captured the attention of many design lovers. These trends are not going away anytime soon. They will continue to make waves in 2024. Let’s look at the five rug trends that will be around for a long time.

Sustainable Choices and Ethical Decisions:

The growing concern about the environment has been one of the biggest shifts in consumer behavior over the last few years. Interior design is reflecting this shift, with sustainable and ethical options becoming a major trend. Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled fibers gained popularity in 2023. In 2024, this trend is likely to continue as more designers and customers opt for sapphire carpets that not only improve the aesthetics of any space but also contribute towards a healthier environment.

Sustainable rugs are not just about materials but also the entire production process. Handmade rugs made by artisans with traditional techniques are becoming more popular. These rugs are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also have a timeless appeal that is often lacking in their machine-made equivalents.

Bold colors and patterns:

The year 2023 saw a rise in boldness and individuality, and it is expected to continue into 2024. Pearl Rugs in vibrant colors with eye-catching designs became the focal point for many interior design projects, adding personality and energy to spaces. Rugs with bold patterns and geometric designs were popular among designers and homeowners alike.

Expect to see more unconventional color combinations in 2024. Rugs will be used to express individuality and break away from traditional design standards. The emphasis is on creating a visually striking focal point within a space, whether it’s with a Moroccan pattern or a rug of rich, deep colors.

Vintage and Antique Revival:

In 2023, vintage and antique rugs enjoyed a notable comeback. This trend is expected to continue to grow in the next year. Vintage rugs can add history and nostalgia to a room with their intricate designs and worn-out character. These rugs are often unique and tell a tale. They make a wonderful addition to any space.

The demand for antique and vintage Emerald Rugs will likely increase in 2024 as consumers begin to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of previous eras. The appeal of timeless pieces like a Persian carpet with its intricate patterns or an old Turkish kilim is their ability to blend seamlessly with traditional and modern interiors.

Texture Play

In 2023, the tactile experience of a carpet will be increasingly important in interior design. Texture play is also a major trend. The focus has shifted from shaggy, plush rugs to intricately textured flatweaves. Designers will continue to explore innovative ways to enhance rug designs in 2024.

Wool, jute, and leather, among other materials, are creatively combined in order to create rugs of different textures. It is important to create a carpet that not only looks good but also feels great. Rugs are becoming more and more popular as a result of their comfort, sensory appeal, and design value.

Multifunctional Rugs

Multifunctional rugs are expected to remain popular in 2024 in a world that values versatility and functionality. Multifunctional rugs are both stylish and practical, serving as a decor element for any room. The emphasis is placed on functional design without compromising aesthetics.

Rugs with technology built in, such as smart features or heating elements, are becoming more popular. The demand for rugs that adapt to various needs will continue to grow as homes become more multifunctional.


Rug design will be exciting and dynamic in 2024. Trends that were prominent in 2023 will continue to influence interior spaces. These include bold patterns and colors, vintage revivals and textures, as well as sustainable options. These rug trends are perfect for anyone looking to update their home or keep up with the latest design trends. They will bring timeless elegance and a contemporary touch to any living space.

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