Tips for Finding the Best House Painting Services Near You

Painting your house serves as a great way to reinvent your interior design, prepare for the sale of your house, or simply freshen up the current look of your home. However, these things are only possible if you have access to a highly recommended professional house painting contractor near you. Otherwise, you could wind up with an overpriced, amateur-looking paint job.

To find the right house painting contractor to trust with your home, it is important to know what questions to ask, what red flags you should be looking for and what preventative measures you can take to protect your property. We are dedicated to providing best-in-class house painting in Auckland. Today we are breaking down a few tips that will help you find the best house painting services in your area.

How to Find Top House Painting Services Near You

Check for licensing and insurance

Contracting services of all kinds come with a variety of serious safety risks. In order to protect yourself from being held liable if a subcontractor is injured on-site, it is important to make sure the company insures their employees, and that they have the proper licensing to work in your area.

Additionally, if a member of staff causes serious damage to your home, the contractor should be responsible for covering the cost. Without a contracting license, the company may not meet certain safety or training requirements that are expected of contractors in your area. Our subcontractors also offer the training and experience to protect themselves and your property while on the job.

Read reviews

If your house painting contractor has the experience necessary to do a good job on your home, they should have accumulated many reviews and testimonials over the years, which are readily available for your viewing. Trusted websites should offer a mix of positive, negative, and neutral reviews. The contractor should also have reviews directly on their website for prospective customers to read. If past customers report mainly positive experiences, this is a great first step to selecting a house painting contractor. If the company has one or more negative reviews on their website, we still recommend reading them to find out why the customer had a bad experience and how it was handled. If the contractor responds to unfortunate situations such as injuries or delays in a professional way, these are all signs of a trusted house painting service.

Meet with several contractors

Many homeowners make the mistake of searching online for “house painters near me,” and going with the first company that pops up. Our contractors recommend meeting with representatives from several different painting companies before hiring a service. Every contractor communicates with clients differently, offers various credentials and levels of experience, and prepares their quotes based on different factors. To find the right contractor for you, take your time and get a feel for a few local companies.

Establish a reliable point of contact

For every contracting service, clients should have a specific point of contact if they have any concerns or need to request updates on the project. If you proceed with a service without a direct line of communication with a project manager, it may be difficult to organize your life around the work being done on your property. we ensure that our clients know who to call whether they have an emergency or a simple question about our service. Customer service is an important part of a great job.

Compare quotes

While there are many different contributors to a quality painting service, pricing is one of the first things that come to mind for most homeowners. Once you have spoken to various contractors and got a sense of their services, it should be relatively easy for you to distinguish an overpriced service from a reasonable one.

Be mindful of the company’s reputation, the materials they plan on using to paint your home, and whether the contractors will be responsible for cleaning your space after the service is done. If pricing appears to be too low, this could be a sign that one of the aforementioned factors is missing. Typically, exterior and interior house painting cost will vary based on the prep work required, the size of your home, and how many surfaces there are to paint.

Ask about a guarantee

It is not uncommon for homeowners to notice areas where there are painting imperfections or chipping immediately after the paint dries. When you spend thousands of dollars on a painting service, you should expect the contractor to handle such discrepancies should they occur soon after the job is complete. Unfortunately, many contractors do not provide a guarantee, and many homeowners do not know to ask for one before signing a contract. Make sure you are clear on what the protocol is should you discover any problems once the service is done.

Review the contract

Most of us are guilty of signing contracts without thoroughly reviewing the contents. However, when you invest in a large-scale project such as an interior or exterior house painting service, it is essential to know exactly what you are paying for. A formal contract should be provided with a clear outline of the service, cleaning responsibilities, painting materials, emergency protocol, and other important details. If you notice any omissions, be sure to bring them to the contractor’s attention before signing anything. If the company refuses to revise your contract to your liking, you may want to search for another option.


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