Treehouse Master’s Teaming up with Treehouse to Create the Perfect “Rumpus room” Treehouse

Everyone dreams of having a treehouse. It’s a place where kids can play, pretend, and camp with their friends. Who says that adults can’t also have a treehouse?

Pete Nelson and his expert team of builders make this dream a reality. Animal Planet will document the build in their show Treehouse Masters.

We are huge fans of the show and Pete’s incredible creations. So, we were thrilled to be able to design a seagrass rug to go with one of their builds. We were more than happy to assist Pete when we learned he wanted to build a “rumpus” room treehouse, a space dedicated to adult games, entertainment, and play. Continue reading to learn more about this project and view the finished length.

Create a fun, playful space.

Pete and his gang built this masterpiece treehouse to be a playroom just for adults. The group planned a hot tub, card table, cornhole, outdoor bar, and many other fun activities for the outdoor retreat.

Pete was under pressure to build the treehouse perfectly because it was for Russ, who is their friend and the forklift provider.

Pete wanted it to feel and look like a backyard treehouse, but he didn’t like the typical design. He wanted it to feel like a living space and be furnished in a stylish, fun way.

Style Fun

The team is in need of some interior design assistance to turn the treehouse from a simple hangout into a stunning place. The builders ask Christina Salway, “the glorious designer of good-time designs,” to help them with this task.

Christina wanted two seashell area rugs with a pale Ash, narrow cotton border to complete the look. Below is a close-up of one of the rugs.

Christina chose the seashell pattern and color to contrast the hardwood floors. It also matched Russ’s industrial-chic design style. She placed them under the treehouse’s two seating areas in order to distinguish between the two sections of the space.

It was now time to present Russ’s new treehouse rumpus to his wife, Kristi. They were blown away.

After the big reveal, Kristi says, “Beautiful.” Oh my goodness, that’s beautiful. “It’s absolutely stunning.”

Russ also added, “I sorta wanted to hug Pete.” I didn’t even know what to say! This thing was so beautiful that I got excited. It’s awesome.”

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