Use New Area Rugs in Contemporary Decor

Carpeting is being replaced by hardwood and tile flooring as interior design styles move away from the plush, luxurious living rooms and bedrooms that were popular in the 1990s and 2000s. The carpet-free rooms are easier to clean and create a sophisticated look. However, the space can feel too cold. An area rug is the solution. When paired with the correct pieces, a new contemporary modern area rug adds excitement and often ties an entire room. Deciding how you want your carpet to accent your space is challenging.

Modern Area Rugs: A New Definition

Open floor plans offer plenty of space, often providing much natural light. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine the purpose of each room. The living room can quickly become the Dining Room if it is not defined. This leads to the kitchen, leaving the room feeling empty. This is particularly true for studio apartments, where the sleeping and living spaces are usually combined, as well as large rooms or houses.

You can define these areas with modern area rugs. Add one to your dining room table to make eating more comfortable, to the entrance to welcome your guests, or to your living room furnishings for a cozy spot to watch your favorite show.

Select the right color modern rug for your space

You can choose a rug that matches your décor and creates the mood you desire in your room. Do you want to add a modern, contemporary home or office-style rug? Pick a neutral color, like white, tan, or gray. Maybe you are decorating a child’s bedroom. Bright yellow and green can create a sunny mood. The darker the color, the smaller it will look.

If you’re furnishing a smaller space, avoid jewel tones and black. You don’t want to get stuck trying to match your rug color to the rest. It is a difficult task and can make the room appear unnaturally coordinated.

Choose from a Variety of Modern Area Rugs

Finding a rug covering the entire area in large rooms can be challenging. You can use two or three new modern area rugs, but you should be careful with the arrangement. If you choose an area rug of the same shape and size, the room can look divided. This is especially true if they are not the same color or pattern.

If you use multiple rugs in the same space, vary their sizes and types. This will add a balanced amount of variety. You can, for example, use a rectangular or round rug to cover a doorway and an enormous square carpet in the rest of your living area.

Modern Area Rugs: Consider the rest of the room when choosing them

Finding your way around a space that is too crowded. Is difficult. Relaxing can be difficult when a room is cluttered with patterns and colors. If you already have patterned wallpaper or bright furniture in the room, pick a neutral and subtle rug to balance out any “loud decor.”

If your walls and most of the decor are neutral, then a pattern or bright color rug can bring life and depth to an otherwise dull space.

Choose the right size for your new modern area rugs

It is essential to know how to measure the rug for the space. A rug that is too small can disrupt the flow of a room. If the carpet is too small, the area will feel cramped. However, your furniture may look tiny if the rug is too big for your room’s decor. People often wonder what size rug they should buy based on their room’s dimensions, shape, and size. As a general rule, when purchasing a carpet, many home decorators say to subtract 3 feet from the dimensions of your room if you plan to cover it. We suggest you take that advice with a grain and go based on your taste.

If the room measures 12 feet by 20 feet, you will want a 9-foot by 17-foot rug. If you’re looking for a carpet to be only as big as the furniture it is under, choose a size two feet bigger than your table. For example, a living room set-up measuring 8 feet by 10 feet needs a rug measuring 10 feet by 12 feet.

Remember to use a liner under your modern area rugs, whether you want them to be large and bold or neutral and small. Area rugs that do not have liners can slip on hardwood floors and bunch up underneath furniture. This may require professional assistance to remove the creases.

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This Nazmiyal Rugs blog offers five tips on how to use new area rugs for contemporary decor.

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