Vastu Tips to Set Up a Living Room

Vastu is an ancient art widely practiced in architecture. It specifies how certain parts of a housing unit must be built. This article explains how to create a Vastu-compliant living room.

Direction: If you live in a house facing north or south, your living room should be built to the northeast. The northwest is the best direction for the living room in a house facing west, while the southeast is ideal for homes facing south.

Accessories There are many things we keep in our living rooms, and they all need to be maintained in a specific way for optimum energy flow.

  • Keep the phone facing southwest.
  • The west or north corner is the best place to put electrical appliances like the air conditioner or cooler. It is best to place the TV in the southeast corner.
  • Furniture should be placed at the corners facing the west or south. According to Vastu, the ideal furniture shape is square or rectangular.
  • Place aquariums or paintings of water bodies in your room’s north and east corners.
  • It is not advisable to place the chandelier in the middle. It is better to put it toward the west.
  • Entrance doors and windows should face east or north.

Color Scheme: You should choose the color scheme of your living room based on the direction it faces and the planet that rules this direction. White is the color of choice for rooms facing east, led by the Sun. If the room is in the west order, governed by Saturn’s energy, then blue is the color to choose. If you want to keep the room light, choose yellow or green.

Seating Vastu indicates where family members should sit in the living area. For example, the head of the household and their spouse are advised to sit at the southwest corner of the living room, facing either the northeast or east. Guests are advised to sit facing west, south, or northwest in the southeast and northwest directions.

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