What is the best way to choose an interior design style

How do you choose from the many interior design styles? How to choose a type for yourself.

Taking the first step towards a more intentional interior design can be intimidating. If you aren’t sure where to begin, the sheer amount of choices can cause analysis paralysis. We have put together five ways to help you decide which interior design style you like.

Lean into your surroundings

You don’t start with a blank canvas when you decorate a space. Your home was built during a particular era, with specific design choices. You can take advantage of the built-in features in any home, whether it is a 150-year-old Victorian, a mid-century ranch, or a new house with few features.

Leaning into your surroundings does not mean you must set up your home as a time capsule of the era it was built. Mixing traditional and modern items is a familiar aesthetic. While an old Victorian may be perfect for velvet drapes, overstuffed sofas, and eclectic design, it is also well-suited to maximalist, Cottagecore, or other styles.

Choose your favorite color

It’s natural to look for inspiration in interior design by deciding what colors you love. Likely, your favorite color is already incorporated into your home decor. ).

Decide what colors you would like to use as accents and how your colors should interact. For inspiration, check out our post, How to Use Color Theory.

Celebrate your favorite furniture piece

Furniture is not always just a place for people to sit or books. For example, a genuine Eames from the 1940s may show your commitment to design history. It may not matter who made the chair or what its history is. The chair could be an heirloom that was passed down from your grandparents. You may think it’s super cool.

Furniture can be complicated to replace when trying to create a cohesive style. You can use interior design techniques, like minimalism, to highlight your favorite furniture piece instead of making it just another chair in a room filled with chairs.

Create a mood board

We don’t mean to create another Pinterest board. Although that can be helpful. You need to be more physical.

Start by ripping out pages from as many magazines and catalogs as possible. Tape them to a wall or corkboard. Or, just put them anywhere they will be visible at once. Once you’ve gathered enough inspiration, step back to see it all. When you collect your motivation, you may be surprised at how quickly your style patterns emerge.

Pick one from a hat

No, really! Give the choice to the hat if you’re having trouble deciding where to begin. This allows you to take a breather and not stress about choosing the “right” design. Choosing an interior design direction can be overwhelming because there are so many options.

Write down ten design styles and then pick one randomly. Use your reaction after drawing a piece of paper to guide you to certain design elements. Repeat this process several times to clarify your interests.

Take one step at a time

You don’t have to, or even should not, try a complete style revamp at once. It’s best to make small changes until you feel comfortable. You won’t have to waste much time if you don’t like it.

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