In general, your carpet will last about 10 years. There are some things that will wear out your carpet faster, such as heavy foot traffic or stains.

There are many things that you can do to make sure your carpet looks great and lasts longer.

What are these things? Keep in mind these 5 carpet cleaning tips!

  • Vacuum Often

Vacuuming areas with high traffic should be done at least twice per week. Vacuum all other carpets once a week.

To get the best results, go slowly over your carpet.

Set the vacuum to the correct height. Set it too low and you could damage your carpet. If you set it to high, your vacuum won’t pick up much.

  • Remove Stains Right Away

Clean up immediately after spilling something or if your pet makes an accident. You’ll need more elbow grease if you wait too long.

Club soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking powder, and club soda are all great cleaning products. Ammonia or bleach diluted can be used. You should always test your carpet cleaning solution on a small area first.

  • Blot, don’t Rub

If you spill something on your carpet or it stains, your instinct may be to grab a towel and rub the area in order to remove carpet stains. This is actually more harmful than helpful!

Take a deep breathe and move slowly. Blot the stain from the outside inward. This will help soak and contain the stain, so that it does not get worse.

  • Deep Clean Your Home Occasionally

Even if you regularly vacuum your carpet, dirt and debris will get trapped deep within. This can make your carpet look dull and dirty over time.

Steam cleaners can be used to deep clean your carpet. You would be surprised how much better your carpet will look after you do this!

  • Get the pros in

No one does carpet cleaner better than professionals. They have more advanced equipment and knowledge than you.

Every once in awhile, hire a professional to clean your carpet. You can also deep clean your carpet every now and then. You can keep your carpet in pristine condition for many years by following the Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane North.

Clean your home with these carpet cleaning tips

You can now use these carpet cleaning tips in your home. Our advice is much more affordable than having to replace your carpet. So, use it to extend the life of your carpet.


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