A Guide To Proper Rug Placement

The smallest details can make or ruin a room, just as they do with any other aspect of design. The placement of an area rug can influence the overall design of a room and how it is perceived. The rug can anchor your design and not just be a piece of carpet thrown on the floor. Style is just as important as the sofa or dining table in your home. This is the last step after spending time and money researching the perfect rug. This guide will help you to make your interior design stand out with the right rug placement.

Measure Your Space

You can measure your space to determine the size rug you want. Look around the room. In a living area, it is important to survey the space. Your furniture will play a major role in determining rug placement.

Rectangular Versus Round

A rectangular rug will add a more structural and traditional feel to the room than a circular rug. Round rugs can add a softness to a space and are more tolerant of difficult proportions.

Living Rooms and Family Rooms

The living room is one of the most crucial rooms to take into consideration when deciding on the right rug placement. Here are some tips for placing an area rug on your main living room:

  • Two sofas. Place the rug at an equal distance between each sofa if your living room has two. If it’s not possible, then the carpet might be too big for the space.
  • Small Spaces. Small Spaces. This will make the space appear larger and lighter.
  • Modular sofa. Finding the right rug placement for a modular sofa can be tricky. Measure the couch to ensure that you can find a rug large enough to cover it.
  • Open-Plan Area. Rugs can be used to divide an open-plan area. When zoning your living room, make sure that the space is large enough to accommodate all the furniture.

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