Rugs for Your Home

Rugs can be used to enhance the comfort and style of a space. Rugs are more than practical floor coverings. They’re works of art that let you express yourself. Here are some ways you can incorporate rugs into your home.

Living Room Floor

It is easy to see why this is the most obvious use of a rug. Living rooms are often the biggest central spaces in a house, so they have plenty of space for a carpet. They also benefit from its visual appeal. The general rule for living room rugs should be to choose rugs that cover a large surface area. So they won’t look disproportionate to the furniture.

You can have the rug cover the entire furniture piece or only certain parts. You could, for example, have a rug placed around a coffee table with chairs and sofas resting on it.

Kitchen and Dining Area Floor

The presence of food might put you off, but your kitchen and dining area can benefit greatly from rugs. The boxy appliances, hard surfaces, and sharp edges of the countertops can make kitchens look cold. A rug can soften the room and add some color to the dominant greys, whites, and blacks.

A rug under the table can also make the dining area more inviting. The carpet will draw attention to the table, and you can complement it with a matching pattern. It would be best if you chose a flat rug that will not make the legs of the chairs unstable since the chairs are likely to be moved around when the guests sit down. A dull carpet will also be easier to clean compared to a high pile one.

Interior Walls

It may surprise you to learn that hanging rugs on the walls of your home can serve the same purpose as painting. You can easily fill up the space at the top of a room with a small rug.

A wall rug will also remain spotless for many years, as it is not constantly walked on. You may hesitate to buy a carpet with delicate natural fibers if you plan to place it on your floor. However, if you decide to hang the rug on a wall, you will have more flexibility. You can choose a color and pattern that complements the decor of your room.

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