Clever Storage Ideas For Small Homes

Smaller homes are more affordable, cozier, and easier to find than larger homes. However, they often lack storage space. It can be frustrating not to have a place to store your things, and a lack of storage in a small house can make it feel unorganized, unwelcoming, and cluttered.

There are many creative ways to create storage in your home. We’ll share our clever storage solutions for small homes in this blog.

Use the back of the doors.

Most people just stick a coat hanger on the backside of their doors and call it good. However, the backs of internal doors are a great place to store things!

You can buy a laundry bag that fits perfectly behind the door of your bathroom. You can also use over-the-door hanging storage that has pockets or baskets to store anything from toiletries to toys.

You can even get over-the-door shoe storage, providing additional shoe storage in your bedroom. They are great for children’s rooms and nurseries as well since they can be used to store books. The over-the-door rack is a great option for tenants as they don’t need any screws or nails.

Install storage racks on the back of cupboard doors in the kitchen to store spices and condiments.

Use Bespoke Shelving in Small Spaces

Both old and new houses have small, awkward spaces. For example, you may have an awkward bathroom space that’s not quite large enough for a cabinet.

Maybe there is a small area at the side of the chimney breast, which is not large enough for standard shelving.

You can have shelving custom-made to fit these awkward, small spaces. If you are confident with DIY, you can cut shelves to size yourself, or you can have them professionally measured.

Baskets, jars, and boxes are great ways to increase the storage space on your shelves.

Furniture that doubles as storage

When you are short on space, a storage unit that also doubles as furniture can be incredibly useful. Choose a TV unit with drawers or shelves to create additional storage in your living room, or buy an ottoman or footrest with hidden storage.

If you have limited storage, choosing the right bed can make a big difference. Some bed frames have built-in hidden storage.

You can also choose a bed frame that is elevated off the ground. This will allow you to buy hidden storage boxes under the bed. They are perfect for storing anything from sportswear to shoes, seasonal clothing, and clothes.

When buying furniture on a tight budget, look at second-hand websites such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

Choose wall-mounted storage solutions.

There’s no need to purchase large storage furniture such as wardrobes and bookshelves. If you are short on space, you can use the wall space.

Your wardrobe is too small to accommodate all your clothes. Is your bedroom too small for a bigger wardrobe? You can get rid of the wardrobe and use wall-mounted racks instead.

Wall storage can also be useful in bathrooms, where there is limited floor space. Wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, and baskets can add a lot of storage to your small bathroom.

Use hooks and baskets to create clever storage solutions

Hooks and baskets are a great way to save space if you don’t have much. Baskets are available in many sizes and shapes, including wicker, seagrass, or rattan.

These stylish shelves look great in the living room, bedroom, bathrooms, and hallway. They’re also great for storing everything from shoes and toys to bedding and towels.

Hooks can also be used to create storage space. Are you short on kitchen space? Hooks are a great way to hang pans, utensils, and even mugs. Use wall space in the hallway to hang coats, bags, and shoes.

Invest in a Mobile Trolley

You can add a moveable trolley to any room of your house. There are many styles, and they’re inexpensive to purchase. You can also buy a used one, spray paint, or paint it to match the decor of your home.

A storage trolley with wheels can be used in the kitchen to store anything, from fruits and vegetables to cleaning products and kitchen utensils. It is the ideal place to store beauty and hair products in the bedroom.

Small Space Storage Ideas

It can be difficult to work with small spaces. Often, they are used to hide clutter. With a bit of creativity, you can make your small space into something valuable.

How do you use the space underneath the stairs? What about that old airing cabinet that used to house the hot water tank in the past? It’s not too late to get started!

Under the stairs, add a bench to allow people to sit down and remove their shoes. You can store shoes in baskets under the bench. You can also add some shelves and a desk to the space underneath the stairs.

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