Common Area Rug Placement Errors

The ability of area rugs to bring furniture together in a space and make it stand out as a decoration is remarkable. You must ensure that your rugs are in harmony with the surrounding environment to get the desired result. The size, shape, and material of a carpet can affect its ability to work in a particular position in your house. Avoid these common mistakes when decorating your home.

Use a Rug that is Too Small

When placing a rug, the most important thing to consider is its interaction with the room. Rugs should be used to create a focal point on the floor, which will effectively separate it from the rest. A rug that is smaller than your furniture will look more like a mat and less like a carefully chosen piece. You’ll want the front legs of the sofa and chairs to be placed on the rug in the living room. The area should encompass the coffee table. The rug’s dimensions may vary depending on where you put it, but they should always be longer than the side of the furniture that touches the carpet.

The Rug’s Shape is Not Important

A common mistake in area rug placement is to ignore the shape of a rug. You don’t have to match the carpet to the exact shape of the room, but you should consider how the rug will impact the balance in the space. A square or circular carpet may look out of place in a hallway, as the majority of the floor is left bare. In this case, an area runner would look better because it is elongated and would complement the space. A round rug placed under a rectangular table is another example of an error. The difference in shape can be detrimental to functionality, as certain chairs may hang over the rug and onto the floor when a person is sitting on them. These chairs, which are lighter than the living room seats, could become unstable if they don’t have all of their legs on a rug.

Disregarding Material Durability

We often consider the visual impact that the rug will have on the rest of the decor when we choose the material. It’s important also to consider if a certain material is appropriate for the space where you intend to place the carpet. It would be best if you chose a rug with a higher level of durability and ease of cleaning for a location that will see a lot of wear. A delicate, high-pile carpet near an outdoor entrance would be irreparably damaged. However, a synthetic rug that is more durable and resistant to dirt would be a better choice.

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