Hallways: Design Ideas for Your Home

The hallway is one of the places that you may not decorate as much as other areas in your house. It could be that the hallway is not a room but rather a space in between. Your hallways can be just as noticeable as your living room. This is because a hallway is the entrance to the rest of the house. Follow these design ideas for your hallways to make a great impression on your guests.

Hang up Pictures and Art

Hanging pictures and art on the wall is a great way to add some color to a dull hallway. Displaying photographs of your loved ones or interesting pieces will add personality to the hallway. People can naturally take in the pictures as they walk past. You can change the arrangement of your pictures depending on the overall design theme of your home. You can neatly arrange a few to achieve a minimalist look. You can also fill the entire wall with them if you want to convey more energy.

Utilize a Console Table

A console table can be a great addition to your hallway if it is large enough. The narrow design will not impede people from passing by, but the surface is ideal for small decorations. Instead of hanging pictures, you could place some in frames and stand them on the console. A mirror could be placed on the wall above the console table to give the impression of a wider hallway. On a console, you can place small sculptures or even lamps. Together with ceiling lights, the latter can help illuminate a space that would otherwise be dark.

Add a Rug

A rug in your hallway can enhance the look of it. A carpet is more than just a softener for the floor. It can also be a composition that sets the mood of the entire space. You should, therefore, be deliberate in your rug selection. Choose a rug that is the right size for your hallway.

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