Decorate your wide hallway for a good first impression

Decorating your hallway to make a great first impression can enhance the overall mood, ambiance, and functionality of your home. You can find inspiration on how to decorate an expansive hallway (whether it fills you up with fear or excitement!) Our 12-wide hallway designs will give you more than enough design ideas, tips, and tricks.

Our hallways are the main entrance to most homes. Start your guests off right and you too by using our ideas.

Wide Hallway Ideas

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a hallway, as this area of the home has the least natural light. Lighting is an important factor to consider when choosing the best interior design for a hallway.

Lighting can transform a room from being purely functional into a place you want to spend your time. If you wish to complement ceiling lighting, which is not always the most comfortable or forgiving, choose a tall free-standing lamp or a tabletop version (depending on how your room is set up).

These two options will produce more subtle lighting that can help you create a mellower atmosphere. The right lighting is also very beneficial for feng shui.

Utilize A Bookcase

A bookcase is one of our favorite wide hallway decorating ideas. It can be useful for several reasons. The combination of a bookcase and a statement chair to create a cozy reading nook gives your hallway purpose. It turns it into a room that is useful in its right.

You can also make better use of your space by strategically placing bookcases in hallways. This will allow you to save room in other rooms, like living rooms or bedrooms.

A bookcase adds character. The right bookcase will add not only character to a room but also to the books that you select to put on the shelves.

Add Rugs for Cosiness

It’s hard to beat the feeling of a soft carpet beneath your feet, especially when you just got in from the outside. A high-quality hall runner is a great option for hallways with wooden floors and older carpeting.

A wide hallway can be cold. Adding a rug to the hallway will keep your feet warm and reduce drafts. A hallway runner allows you to express your personality through creative color and design choices.

Rugs are one of the few homeware products that you can find in any size or shape – large or small, long or shorter. It is also a great way to decorate a long, wide hallway that may be shaped differently.

Rug Traders has a wide range of hallway runners in a number of styles and colors. Visit our blog to learn more about how to choose the perfect rug for your style.

Invest In A Statement Chair

You should definitely take advantage of the fact that you have a large enough hallway to accommodate a statement piece.

A statement chair is an absolute must for any hallway that has enough space. This is one of the best ideas for hallways and landings to maximize comfort and functionality. A statement chair, combined with a cute bookshelf and cozy lighting, can transform a “through” room into an entirely functional space. Add some chic throws and comfy cushions to add comfort to your hallway.

Don’t forget the little extras.

It’s in the details, just like any other room. Do not underestimate the charm and character that can be added to your hallway by adding a few trinkets to your more practical decor.

Hallways are often forgotten about this method, even though they are important rooms! You can choose to add more personal touches, such as ornaments and trendy pieces ( rugs are great wall art!).

A vase filled with flowers can be a great way to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere in your hallway or at the entrance of your house.

Wall Art

Why not create your gallery wall to personalize your wide hallway? A collection of your favorite memories is the perfect way to make a hallway feel more homey.

If you don’t decorate the wall in the hallway, it can make a dull and stark first impression. You can hang photos, typographic artwork, or any other personalized item. Choose from a range of sizes, shapes, and colors to mount or frame the pieces you want. You can choose to complement your interior design or to contrast it.

The aesthetic you are trying to achieve will determine how you arrange your hallway gallery wall. If you want to create a modern look, order your pieces in neat, straight lines. Randomly place them for a more quirky effect.

Plants and more plants

Bring life to your hallway, whether you are a novice or an avid gardener. This will create a welcoming first impression. Plants improve air quality and reduce stress. They also enhance your sense of well-being.

Don’t fret if you have limited or no natural lighting in your hallway! In shady areas, plants like the parlor palm, Boston fern, and Swiss cheese survive well.

Multifunctional Bench

A multifunctional bench could be the answer to your decorating dilemma. A long bench can be placed in your hallway to provide a comfortable and functional space for you to remove your muddy shoes or to take a seat as you wait for others to get ready.

A long bench can also be used to display indoor plants or decorative items. Search for benches that were previously used in churches or schools to create a unique aesthetic.

Make Your Hallway into a Room

Why not turn a hallway into a separate room? What about something a little less traditional?

You can use a wide hallway to show off your love for music. Include a comfy seating area, stereo equipment, and your favorite vinyl collection. You can also add a little fun to the room by setting up a games corner with your favorite board games.

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