Hallway Runner Buying Guide

The hallway runners can be a very important feature in your home. They give a first impression, enhance your style, and create ambiance while also providing functionality. The complexities of choosing the best hallway runners have been broken down into 12 useful tips for selecting the hallway runner that is right for you in terms of size, material, and style. Read on to discover the best hallway rugs that will make your home inviting, impressive, and durable.

Hallway Runners: Sizes and Tips

When choosing the right hallway runner, you should first consider the size of the entrance to your home.

1. Measure your floor space accurately.

Select a hallway runner that is both functional as well as intentional. Measure the width and length of the hallway and choose a runner who leaves approximately 10 to 13 centimeters on each side. This will frame your hallway nicely and ensure that the runner’s edge will not curl. If you choose a smaller runner for your space, be sure to center it.

2. Consider Your Hallway Furniture

The furniture in your hall is another important factor to consider when choosing the best hallway carpet. You may have a sideboard, a cabinet for shoes, or a coat rack. Furniture should not be placed on top of the rug. This will protect it, help frame your space, and keep your hallway looking spacious.

3. Allow Enough Space Between Doorways

If you don’t consider the clearance inside your home when deciding on the size and location of your runner, it will make your hallway unusable and may even damage your door.

Hallway Runner Materials: Tips and Tricks

When selecting hallway runners, there are many options for material. It is important to choose a material that works best in your home.

Many hallway runners are subjected to heavy traffic from family members, guests, and pets. The best hallway rugs will be durable and easy to maintain.

4. Polypropylene Is a Great Allrounder

Polypropylene rugs will not snag and are tough and durable. The rugs are easy to maintain and clean. Because they’re made of artificial fibers, the rugs resist moisture, making them ideal for use in your home during wetter or colder seasons.

5. The Benefits of Wool Rugs

Woolen runners are a great option if you want a natural-looking runner. While sheepskin rugs can be expensive and shed, they’re durable, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting if you take care of them properly. There are many benefits to wool rugs. They are easy to clean and provide a soft and warm welcome in your hallway.

6. Choose Sustainable Natural Options

Seagrass runners are durable and easy to maintain due to their waxy coating. It would also be perfect for a home that has a natural, earthy aesthetic. It is an easy-to-dye fiber that is tough and offers a variety of design options. Sisal is naturally stain-resistant, so 100% Sisal rugs make great hallway rugs.

Hallway Runner Pile: Tips and Tricks

When choosing the best rug to suit your needs, it is important also to consider the density of the pile.

7. For durability, choose a rug with a higher-density pile

The carpet is stitched together tightly to create a dense pile that will last longer, be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and reduce noise. Our flatweave carpets provide a good example. They are easy to clean and maintain but can also handle the most busy hallways without losing their aesthetic.

Hallway Runner Design Tips

Choose a design that seamlessly matches your interior style and elevates your room. This will give your home a first-class impression.

8. Embrace the Stripes

In terms of design, striped hall runners have been deemed the best hallway rugs. The stripes that run lengthways create the illusion of a larger space, which is perfect if you have a small or narrow space.

9. Geometric Designs For Contemporary Hallways

Add a geometric runner in contrasting colors to create a contemporary look. It will enhance the design and add architectural lines.

10. Floral Designs to Create a Statement Piece

The traditional floral hallway runners can be used in vintage or bohemian-style homes. Bold and vibrant floral hall rugs work best with contemporary or modern furnishings.

Hallway Runner Color: Tips and Tricks

When choosing the right hallway runner, it is important to take into consideration how complementary colors can be used. Rug colors can have a big impact on how you feel in a room. You want your rug to complement your existing color palette so that it looks like you chose the carpet on purpose.

11. Increase the illusion of space by using lighter colors

A lighter color can help make a small hallway appear larger by reflecting natural light. A runner in a light, solid color, such as our Padstow Cream Modern Rug, is perfect for narrow hallways. Lighter and neutral shades go well with bohemian-style decor.

12. Use deeper tones for warmth

However, a darker color can create a cozy, warm feeling in your space, creating a welcoming and homely entryway. This is especially true during the cooler months. A darker color will also make dirt less visible, which is great for rugs that may be used to welcome dirty shoes.

You can now browse through our collection of hallway runners and welcome your family and guests with a warm welcome. To ensure that your hallway runner stays in place, we recommend placing a non-slip rug under it.

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