How to make your kitchen more homey

When your kitchen is lacking in personality, luster, and a sense of warmth, it can be hard to create a homey atmosphere. The kitchen is a practical place where items like everyday objects can accumulate and clutter worktops. Dishes can be neglected, and cooking can become a chore.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s for cooking, eating or entertaining, but also, these days, working. This is a place we should enjoy, be inspired by, gather in, and feel proud of. This article will show you how to make simple changes in your kitchen that can transform it into a welcoming and comfortable space.

What Does Homely Mean?

Homely is a feeling of comfort, familiarity, and a sense that you are at home. Often, “homely” is misconstrued to mean a disorganized and cluttered place. This is not true. It is possible to create an attractive and functional kitchen while also creating a space that feels comfortable and lived-in.

How to make your kitchen homely

Include a Rug in Your Kitchen

These types of floors can be cold and uncomfortable in the winter, especially if they are tiled or laminated. Rugs provide warmth in colder months and comfort to bare feet during warmer months. Take a look at the best rugs for kitchens if you are looking to add a touch of homeliness. You can add a rug to your kitchen even if it has underfloor heat, as long as you are aware of the rugs that are compatible with underfloor heating.

The kitchen is the most used area in the house. It requires a rug that can withstand heavy traffic. Rugs can bring together a room and add color. You can also use the space between rugs to create a focal point. Check out our guide to choosing a rug color for your kitchen. It will create a warm and welcoming space.

Lighting Power

Our choices have increased as we shift away from traditional styles of lighting towards eclectic styles. Now, we can customize our lighting to meet our exact needs and create the mood we desire.

Warm white lights in red, orange, and Yellow hues are used to create a warm glow. Whiter, cooler lighting is used in practical areas, like kitchens because it’s brighter and increases visibility. These lights are blue, which makes them seem clinical and stark.

It is not necessary to use only warmer lights in order to create a cozy atmosphere. You can mix the lights. For example, you could use warmer lights to hang lanterns over kitchen islands or breakfast bars and colder white lights as downlighters for shelving or cabinets. By mixing lights, you can meet your functional needs while creating the mood that you desire.

Cosy Colours

A crisp white kitchen may look fresh and sleek, but adding a splash of color will give it a more homely, warm feel. Color can be used to bring a style to life, affecting everything from the cabinets to the lighting to the flooring. Color can be used in many ways to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It could be a simple accent on cabinets, or it could contrast the walls with metalwork.

Trends for rich, deep colors have been in vogue for some time and show no signs of abating. Greens, in all their shades, from forest to emerald, are popular. There is also a return to bold metallics and heritage blues. Earthy colors are becoming more popular, proving that bold colors do not have to be the only choice when looking for a warm feel. Rich terracotta and blush with different hues and textures can create depth and interest.

Warm Materials

The use of warmer colors will make your kitchen feel more inviting. To create a more attractive and comfortable atmosphere, you could pair our Moda Stone Grey Flatweave Carpet with buttery leather chairs draped in faux fur throws.

Copper brushed gold or rose-gold metalwork can elevate your style and create a lived-in look. It also contrasts beautifully with the sophisticated and sultry tones in your cabinets. Contrast rustic metals with exposed wood or gold metalwork and teal.

Integrating wood features into your kitchen will add warmth and charm to any kitchen. It is also suitable for all sizes and types of kitchens! Add wooden shelves that complement your flooring choice, create a wood-paneled splashback, or add a moveable Butcher’s Block to extend your counter space.

Create a Relaxation Area

What could be more inviting than an area where you can relax your feet after slaving over the stove? If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, or even if space is limited, adding some seating or a cozy corner can create a place that invites guests or you to sit down and spend time together.

Seating for your workspace has become more important as kitchens are becoming increasingly multifunctional. Many people now work at the breakfast bar, dining table, or kitchen counter. For small spaces, a fold-away chair and table can be a great solution (don’t overlook a cushion for comfort and style), and a bay window makes for a perfect seating area. A cozy rug would also enhance the comfort of any seating area.

Open Shelving with Hanging Storage

To create a welcoming and homey kitchen, you should clear your kitchen of all clutter. It may seem difficult to do, but the addition of shelves and hanging storage will help you overcome this problem, especially if your kitchen space is limited. It also creates a visually pleasing focal point.

Shelving gives you the chance to add style to your kitchen. You can choose from painted wood shelves for a classic appearance to a combination of metal and rustic wooden shelves for an industrial look. By removing the doors from old cabinets and painting them, you can save money. You can also turn your collection of pots, pans, and crockery into a display. Why not mix decorative kitchenware with functional items to add character?

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