Deeply Southern Home shares DIY tips for a gorgeous staircase makeover.

What comes to mind when you think about a room in your house that could use some extra love? Is it the kitchen? Is it your master bath? Maybe the basement?

It’s understandable if your staircase wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. Since they’re not part of one room or style, we don’t usually think of them as design areas. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t get a special design treatment.

Leslie, DIY and home renovation specialist from Deeply Southern Homes, offers some tips on how to maximize the potential of small spaces. Leslie shares five of her best tips to transform a simple staircase into a focal point.

Clean slate

Leslie suggests that you thoroughly clean the stairs before starting any work. It is particularly important if you plan to paint or replace the carpet on the stairs.

Leslie, when speaking about her staircase renovation, says, “Once we removed the carpet, it became clear that the stairs would require a lot of work before they were ready for painting.” It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

Leslie recommends using a floor scraper with a long handle to clean your stairs of excess nails or wood. Fill in any holes left by the floor scraper with caulk. This will be a smooth surface to work on.

Fill in Gaps With Molding and Shims

You’ll probably notice gaps once you strip your stairs down to their original wood planks. Likely, the contractor who built your home didn’t make all of the planks flush. Leslie uses moldings and shims to correct the problem while also adding character to your stairs. This not only helps cover larger gaps where wood filler or caulk isn’t sufficient but also adds a design element to your staircase.

Choose the right primer for a durable finish.

Durability is important for stairs, which are areas that receive a lot of traffic in any house. Leslie loves to use a primer and paint combination that leaves a durable surface that’s also easy to clean. Leslie used KILZ 2 Latex Primer on her stairs.

“KILZ2(r) has become my favorite primer. It is water-based and fast drying, with a low odor. It also blocks stains well. “A primer was a must, considering how dirty the stairs under the carpet were,” says Ms. Smith.

If you are planning to renovate your staircase, make sure to follow this guide to ensure the finished product can withstand tough stains such as mud, food, or drinks.

Double up on Paint

One coat of paint on your staircase might be enough if you use a good primer as a base. Leslie suggests that you apply at least two coats. You will have more peace of mind if you spill something or if the color starts to fade. One coat of paint may suffice for your walls in the home, but stairs are subjected to a great deal more wear and tear. It’s important not to have to paint your stairs more often than is necessary.

How to Install the Right Rug-Runner

It would be lovely to leave your staircase bare, but it could be dangerous and slippery. Installing a stair runner will provide much-needed traction, texture, and comfort.

Leslie was looking for a rug runner that would be both durable and stylish to add to her newly installed stairs. She chose our Four Seasons Outdoor Sisal Collection because it’s easy to maintain and extremely durable. Leslie chose our Domingo Slate color rug and black outdoor-rated binding to contrast with the newly painted white wood.

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