Do You Need a Rug Liner

What is the best rug liner for your area rug

A new area rug is the best home improvement project to improve your living space. A new carpet can be customized in various colors and textures, giving your home a fresh look and a place to rest your tired feet.

What if the area rug won’t stay put? It curls. It moves. It bunches. Your new home décor item becomes a trip hazard as you move across the room.

How can you enhance the effectiveness and comfort of your area rug while keeping it in place?

No matter what flooring you have, choosing the right rug pad or rug liner is the best option to keep your carpet in place. Not all rug liners serve the same purpose. It is crucial to choose the right one for your home.

We’ll look at the reasons you might need a rug protector, what to consider before buying one, and how you can choose the suitable rug protector for your rug.

Why you should use a rug liner

So many different area rugs are available that it is easy to choose the perfect one to match your room.

Place a colorful round braided rug under your breakfast nook.

Using a large, solid area rug, you can hide stains on your living room carpeting.

Install a high-contrast flatweave runner in your front entryway or hallway.

Buy two rectangular Shag carpets in soothing colors to flank your bed.

Use a bright, low-profile doormat in your mudroom.

Choose the Best Rug Liner For Your Area Rug.

A non-slip pad can extend the life span of your rug and protect carpets and hard floors from accidents and heavy furniture. The rug’s backing can scratch floors and cause serious slip hazards without a rug liner.

Here are the benefits of using a rug liner under your new area rug.

Anchor and Grip Your Area Rugs: Bunching on rugs can be a big problem, especially when you have guests. Non-slip rug liners will help prevent accidents caused by rippling and wrinkles.

Improve The Cleanliness of Your Home: By placing a rug liner in between your area rug, and the flooring, you can prevent mildew and mold. Some types will prevent dirt and debris from building up under your carpet. This means that your vacuuming efforts will be more effective.

Protect your Flooring: No matter if you have vinyl, laminate, or hardwood flooring, the right carpet pads will protect it from scratches, divots, and other damages caused by heavy furniture and excessive traffic.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Area Rug: An area rug liner keeps your rug in place and prevents excessive wear that is caused by a carpet that moves constantly.

Improve the Comfort and Performance of Your Carpet: Add luxurious cushioning beneath your feet while adding soundproofing for late-night movies or heavy footsteps.

All rug sizes will shift and slide if they are not lined with a good-quality rug liner. It is not only a trip hazard, but it can also damage your floor.

All rug liners are not created equal. We’ll look at the things you should know before buying a carpet pad to protect your area rug.

What you need to know before buying a rug lining

You may find it easy to buy a rug pad by looking at the Amazon bestsellers list, but you should know what exactly you’re buying.

Look for a rug liner with a dual surface that can grip your rug as well as your floor. Choose eco-friendly materials which won’t degrade over time.

Natural Rubber

100% wool felt


Memory Foam Authentic

Natural rubber and felt rug liners will provide both cushioning and grip to area rugs that are placed in high-traffic areas of your house. Memory foam is a great option for cushioning your feet. It won’t emit toxic chemicals as it ages.

Over time, cheap rug pads can ruin your floors. These rug liners are often made of synthetic PVC and can react with certain flooring finishes.

Before you spend your hard-earned cash, always check the materials used to make your rug liners. The higher-quality rug liners are more expensive, but they last longer when made of natural materials.

The best rug liners to use in your home

It can be hard to choose the right rug liner for your needs with so many options available.

Decide what performance you want from your rug pad. You may need one that has an anti-slip surface to keep a child from falling in the entranceway. You may want to cushion your rug in the living room so that you can read your newspaper on a soft surface. Maybe you’re looking for something more durable to go with your kitchen rugs.

It’s important to know exactly what you need from a rug lining before you order. RugPadUSA has a selection of bestsellers that will enhance your area rug.

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