Enjoy Your Sisal Rug Longer Using Sisal Stain Guard

You want to make sure that your natural fiber rug lasts as long as possible. Regular Cleaning and Vacuuming your carpet is important. But there’s another tool you can use. Rug protection sprays such as Sisal Stain Guard are an excellent investment that will help your carpets last a long time.

What is Rug Protection Spray?

Rug protection spray will protect your rug from stains and wear. It creates a barrier between the carpet and any elements it may come into contact with. Rug protection spray is especially beneficial for rugs in high-traffic areas. However, any carpet will benefit.

What is a Sisal Stain guard?

Sisal rugs have a natural durability and are ideal for areas with high traffic. Most people buy sisal for their homes because they are durable and affordable. You can still do your part to protect and maintain your rug’s appearance, as well as prevent it from getting stained. The Sisal Stain Guard reduces absorbency to prevent spills from becoming stains and increases the life expectancy of your rug.

What types of rugs are compatible with the Sisal stain guard?

The Sisal stain guard is safe for all-natural fiber rugs, including sisal. The rug protection spray that we offer, like the natural fiber materials, is made of acrylic polymers and is environmentally friendly since it does not contain ozone-depleting substances.

How do I apply rug protection spray myself?

You can either have the rug protection spray applied professionally or purchase a spray bottle to do the job yourself. The spray bottle is easy to use, and after treatment with our protector, your rug will be better able to resist water and stains. This allows it to remain in excellent condition. When you treat your sisal with the rug protector spray, it will last longer and require less cleaning.

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