Custom-Made Rugs for Your Unique Home

Have you ever brought home a rug that didn’t fit your room? It could have been the color or size. Or maybe the store only had a small selection. You chose what you thought would work.

The following are some of the dangers associated with buying a rug from a store. Standard sizes are designed to appeal to the one-size-fits-all mentality, but in reality, only a limited number of spaces can be accommodated.

A custom-made rug is the best option if you want a carpet in the exact shape, size, and style that you desire. A rug that is made specifically for you will fit perfectly into any room, no matter how oddly shaped it may be.

With a made-to-order rug, you can show off your style and create an original statement piece that compliments your decor. With a perfect fit, you can cater to specific furniture arrangements and showcase your style.

Explore how to make a rug that is tailored for your home.

How to order your custom-made rug in steps

It’s easier than you think to get a rug made for your room. You can choose the material and pattern you like in any size and shape. Our mats are made according to your exact size, shape, and color specifications. You can tell us if you want to cut the corners off, remove a section, or make an unusual shape. All of it is part of the process.

Choose your material. You can choose from a variety of materials, including natural fibers like sisal and seagrass or soft, luxurious wool or polypropylene. Choose the material that suits your needs, and then go from there.

Choose your design. Once you have chosen your material, you can choose the look you want. Our rugs are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Measure your space. It may sound not easy at first, but measuring your area is actually a very simple process. We even offer a guide for you to count on your rug. We’ll handle the rest.

That’s it! We’ll start making your rug as soon as you send us your dimensions, material, color, and size.

How to Care for Your Custom-Made Rug

It’s very important to care for a rug made just for you. It’s not difficult to maintain your carpet.

Vacuum your rug regularly. In general, regular vacuuming is the only thing you need to do to maintain a beautiful carpet. This simple but important maintenance step removes dirt and other debris from your carpet to keep it looking great. Follow the vacuuming instructions specific to your rug type.

Never let your rug get dirty. Cleaning your carpet the best way is not ever to let it get dirty. It is important to remove any spills immediately. Every rug material has different cleaning needs. But one thing is universal. If there’s a stain, blot it, and don’t scrub.

Avoid direct sunlight. Natural fiber rugs should be kept out of direct sunlight in order to avoid fading or discoloration. Synthetic fiber rugs like those made of polypropylene or poly silk are generally fine to be left in direct sunlight. If you have a particularly sunny area, even inside, you might want to consider an outside rug.

Keep your rug dry. Unless it is designed for sunlight, please keep it away from humid areas. This will prevent mold and mildew, which are difficult to remove from your rug.

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