Examples of Stylish Rugs Layered on Carpet That You’ll Love

When I visited my grandmother in Arizona, I saw the first rugs on top of the carpet. I asked her why she had so much carpet on top of the rug.

She said that the shoes keep her warm and protect her floor.

Now that I live in my home and clean my own floors, my grandmother is in the same camp.

When you have a good sense of style, you can also use it to help define areas within your home.

How can you layer rugs over carpets in a way to make them look good, protect your floors, and be comfortable?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve got you covered.

Is it stupid to place a rug on top of a carpet or rug

No, it’s not.

The first is that carpeted flooring can be expensive to maintain. Layering an area carpet over your carpet will add a stylish shield that allows you to clean spills before they stain. Did we mention that they can make your room feel cozy and warm? It’s true. A carpeted floor is boring, so the only way to add color in a rented room would be with a cotton Oriental rug. Duh.

How to layer rugs on top of carpet

No matter why you want to layer, there are a few ideas and tips that will help you make the most of this trend. It’s the right color, texture, size, and plushness that makes a huge difference between rug sales and a well-thought-out layering strategy.

Variate the textures

If you are placing a low-profile area rug on top of a carpet, make sure that both the carpet and the rug have lowered. If you place a low-profile area rug on top of a deep-pile cut wool, the wool will be compressed every time you step on it. The rug buckles and becomes a safety risk.

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